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How do I Print a Recipe?


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Question: How do I Print a Recipe?
I get these two questions all of the time.
"How do I print your recipes without all of the junk on the page?"
The "junk" as many of you have called it, is very important to my company and me. It's how we get paid. That being said, I hope you click on the ads occasionally when you see one that can be beneficial to you. Also, you're printing one of my recipes. I hope you'll remember to come back to my site, even though the printed version won't have my name on it.

"How can I print the recipe with a bigger font?"
This question is the one near and dear to my heart or should I say my eyes? I think recipes print so small to be more green and save paper.

F.Y.I. - There are several ways to accomplish these tasks, but I'm only going to show you the way I do it. If you have a better way, please let me know. I'll try it out and if I like your way better, I will amend my page.
Answer: Printing Recipes
  • Step One:
    On every page of my site there is an orange bar going across the top. All the way to the right on the bar is a little printer icon. Click on it.
  • Step Two:
    A new page will come up along with a printer task box. Close the printer box.
  • Step Three:
    There are two ways to go here.
    One is to highlight (place cursor to left of first word and drag mouse to highlight it). Hold down "ctrl" and "c" to copy it. Only the sections of the recipe you want to print. Hold the "ctrl" button and the "p" buttons down at the same time to re-open your printer box. Click the "selection" box and hit print. The only problem with this is that it may not fix your small font problem and you can only select one section at a time. So if you don't want something in the middle of the section, you still have to print it.
    The way I do it is to open my word processor program. Minimize it. (Click on the little dash at the top right of your screen.) Highlight the section of the recipe I want and copy (hold down "ctrl" and "c" at the same time) it.
  • Step Four:
    Go to the bottom of the screen and click open word processing package. On the blank page, hold down "ctrl" and the letter "v". This will copy the recipe on your page.
  • Step Five:
    Now, you can edit the page. Delete anything you may not want like the picture or my name.
  • Step Six:
    You can print the recipe from here. If your word processing program is like mine, it automatically enlarged the font. If not, just highlight it again and choose a larger font.
  • Step Seven:
    Unless, I'm planning to make that recipe that day or the next. I save it to my hard drive. If you do this, you may wish to create a folder just for recipes and add it to that.

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