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Dump Cakes

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Dump Cakes are made by "dumping" the ingredients into a pan and then baking them. Summer is a great time to make Dump Cakes, there is so much fruit available.

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Desserts / Baking Spotlight10

Top Gluten-Free Desserts and Breads

You can be gluten-free and eat dessert, too. Here are the top gluten-free desserts along with a few other special treats just for you.

Favorite Banana Pudding

This year my daughter requested banana pudding for her special birthday treat. I've taken the common banana pudding recipe that most American's make and made it much, much better. You can make your banana pudding much better, too, by doing what I did. Enjoy!

Tropical Mojito Cake

Enjoy the flavor of the tropics with this light and creamy Mojito Cake, which is reminiscent of its namesake Cuban cocktail.

Double Chocolate Fudge Cups

Looking for a lot of chocolate in a two-bite treat? Look no further. These Decadent Double Chocolate Fudge Cups are just what you need.

Kiwi Cups

Fill a sweet crust with lime-flavored cream cheese filling, top it with a kiwi slice and you've go this delightful two-bite dessert.

Cool Summer Cookbook List

Looking for a little summer reading, but also some outstanding desserts recipes as well? Here are three cookbooks that not only feature recipes for some of your soon-to-be favorite summer desserts, but each cookbook is fun to read too. Enjoy!

Irish Cream Whisky Cheesecake

Plain cheesecake is a fantastic dessert. Make that cheesecake with Irish Cream Whiskey, a chocolate crust and topped with a chocolate ganache, and you've got an outstanding dessert.

Tantalizing Tarts

Make your own tart with one of these recipes.

Strawberry Tarts

Summer is the perfect time for fruit tarts. Serve one of these Strawberry Tarts with a Shortbread Crust after your next dinner, and everyone will be love your for life.

Cream Cheese Brownies

You're getting the best of both worlds with this recipe for Rich and Fudgy Cream Cheese Brownies.

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