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Readers Respond: Friendship Bread - A Blessing or a Curse?

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From the article: Making Friendship Bread
You see a friend coming towards you with a slightly crumpled white sheet of paper and a resealable plastic bag with a beige liquid in it. What do you do? Do you smile and gladly take what is about to be given to you or do you run for the hills? Please share your personal feelings and experience with the welcomed (or is it dreaded?) Friendship Bread.

Amish bread-twist

I made mine with two small boxes of banana cream pudding, added banana chips and chocolate chips. It was absolutely delicious. Next time I may even add nuts.
—Guest Bev

Friendship Bread

I had some of the best bread ever at a friends house, she had received it as a gift,I told her I had to have the receipe and she told me the friends name, so i called her and she said ahe would be GLAD to drop the recipe off that afternoon, I was so excited as I was haveing comping for dinner that night and I would bake it for them...Will he she comes recipe in hand ....and a bag. Yup! Friendship bread... I did go on with it one time. so to me it was a curse to me
—Guest Theola

Better of the Best

I can use the Friendship Starter to make the waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, bread and the regular cake-like. I no longer have a starter but we had eleven foster children at a time and I made these treats for the children and NEVER had leftovers. When they would be allowed home for visits some of the parents would ask me for a start so they could make what their child was talkign about!! It was fun
—Guest Jean Rossiter

friendship Bread

I'm always very happy to recieve the starter from a friend. However I work from home so I don't have a captive audience of co-workers to share it with. I usually make about six batches. By that time I'm rather tired of it. I didn't realize you could freeze the starter. Now I won't feel guilty about "killing" it.
—Guest Maureen Q

More than one way to a "Friends" heart

My husband use to have to make this for his boss in the Army. They had it so much that they developed other recipes using the starter. My favorite, Monster Cookies!
—Guest Jeri

Freezing Friendship Bread Starter

I begged for the starter for this bread! I've been making it for several years. Whenever I get tired of making the bread I simply put the starter into a freezer container and freeze it until I'm ready to make more bread. The only problem I've had was when my daughter decided to clean out my freezer and threw it away. Luckily one of my friends was willing to share so i'm bread-making again.
—Guest cgclemons

friendship bread

Friendship bread is to sweet for my tastes I like the potato sourdough bread because its slightly sweet and always moist and smooth with a great texture.
—Guest sourdoughdaddyo

I almost had some!

A colleague gave my husband this starter at a Christmas party. He had no idea what it was and threw it away! I had to educate him about it. I guess I'll have to start one of my own!

Friendship Bread - A Blessing or a Curse

I just love making the friendship bread. All my coworkers love getting it also. Everyone I made one for Christmas was delighted. I made mine in different flavors but the best one was raisins and cinnamon and nuts. They actually come back for more. I freeze my leftover mix and always have some on hand no matter if it;s someone who wants the batter or some bread. This is one of the most wonderful recipes I have yet to make. I plan on always keeping some starter in the freezer.
—Guest GEM

Friendship Bread

I make friendship bread all the time and my family loves it. I enjoy the whole ordeal although I don't consider it an ordeal. I make it every 10 days and freeze a loaf so I can have one for a gift if I need it. I wish I had more people to give a starter to because I end up throwing away three of the starters each time I make it and it's kind of a waste. But still, I love making it. It's great with chopped walnuts.
—Guest Suzi R

Some Things are Worth Waiting For

No, it doesn't taste the same, this one's full of love and sharing and can only be made with a wooden spoon which my grandmother insisted stirred love into cookies and made tunnel of LOVE cakes. Try it with maraschino cherry liquid, bits, and glaze made from the liquid. Or chocolate pudding. It's like cream pie base from which butterscotch or lemon, banana and coconut pies can be made from. "Add an extra square of chocolate for Kay-baby." Dearest Carol, I'm sorry you were having a bad day when you wrote this, it is not like your normal infectious enthusiasm at all; perhaps it was merely a sinus infection. DO try again, please! It's a piece of Americana, a reflection on the grace and generosity of the Amish. Just picture the wood cook stove it was baked in! Picture the grandma with her apron on serving you a warm slice with a little butter from the crock. Close your eyes and feel the love and the hug I'm sending you, just like Grandma used to do. Hope you have a better week!
—Guest mmelaprof

Nice thought - but...

It's a fun idea. But those who don't like baking might not enjoy it. So you do have to choose wisely who to pass it on to. Some people just turned away like they didn't see me, others just said no thanks. The few I managed to pass it to- I found out later they didn't complete the recipe or did nothing at all with it. I really wanted to give it to is my sister. But she's not easy to convince to try new recipes, even if she likes it. I enjoy the challenge of trying a new recipe or cooking old things a new way. So when I received it from a co-worker I was excited. And the end results was really good.
—Guest Monika

Friendship Bread

I have a type of Friendship bread that is called Cinnamon Amish bread. I make the recipe twice and freeze the starter I have left. I don't have to find folks to give it to, I keep it for myself.
—Guest Lynda Hanson

A blessing....

I hadn't made it in years, when someone from work gave me a starter. I was so excited. It is sometimes hard to know who to pass them on to, so what I like to do is to make several batches (variety of flavors) and hand out "freebies." This has almost always elicited immediate requests for the recipe and a starter. I have never created my own "starter" (didn't know how) but have always been given one. When we were recently in the process of moving, (with things packed up) I just couldn't keep it going. I will now create a starter and make it again. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but by writing when day 6 & 10 are on the bag, it is easy to get it right. (A day or 2 over is ok still.) By baking two (or three) batches at once (these are great as muffins and freeze/refrigerate well), & less starters to hand out. A lot of times I just toss it out (one or two cups of mix in the garbage) and no stress of passing it on!! HINTS:*2 sm pudding boxes--more moist *line cake pan w/ alum.foil
—Guest Michele C

Friendship Bread: A Blessing or a Curse?

It is a bit problematic to keep up with the maintenance on this bread, but it's worth it if one truly enjoys the bread, and the act of giving away the starters. I find it great for a chuch circle. I used to think it was a curse. I managed a concession stand and we made most of our products. Friendship bread, by the slice and by the loaf for take-home, was our largest seller next to our secret recipe hamburgers (the patties were the secret). The curse came in making the dozen or so loaves each week, or more sometimes, depending on the number of people we expected for an event at the arena. We also sold little plastic bottles with the starter inside, and the recipe attached with a ribbon to the bottle. It was fun to hear the comments and know that our clientele appreciated the home made value of the bread and that they always wanted it, time after time. It was really a blessing to share the bread, because that is what this bread was originally meant for. Thanks for asking.

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