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Readers Respond: Name Your Favorite and Non-Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

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Which is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Which is your least favorite? Are there ones that they don't make and you want back?

Complete List of Girl Scout Cookies

For the last couple of years I have been a big of the Samoas. I just love the coconut, caramel and chocolate combination. Thin Mints and Di-Si-Dos are my second and thirds. I will admit I am not a fan of the Tagalongs. I prefer a peanut butter filling that is gritty, like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, as opposed to a smooth one. As far as missing any cookies, I miss the Thanks-A-Lot cookies. They no longer sell them in my area. Share Your Favorite


My favorite has always been the tagalongs. I also really like Samoas. I'm not a fan of the trefoils or any lemon cookies. I'm never really liked lemon. I wish they would bring back the cafe cookies. They were simple, short lived but delicious! They were one of my favorites and I miss them a lot. I would have bought every box in existence if I had known how short lived they would be. They should replace the trefoils with cafe cookies
—Guest Colleen

More Dietary friendly choices

I wish there were Gluten Free and Sugar Free (at least one of each - more would be awesome) varieties available as a standard type in all locations. Loved the Sugar Free Chocolate Chip! I have not bought any GS Cookies since the dietary friendly kinds are no longer available (at least not anywhere near me).
—Guest VeteranGS

My favorite and non-favorite gs cookie

My favorite is thin mints and I don't have a least favorite.:p
—Guest Lanie Powell


I want the Mango back!!!! Please, I can still taste them!!
—Guest SaladGreen

Golden nut clusters

They where the best cookie ever plez bring them back....
—Guest Takedown

Lemon Pastry Cremes, ORIGINAL Do Si Dos

The do si dos now are just not good. The cookie is not the same and there is NO peanut butter in it an I really miss the "SQUARE HOLE"....we used to save that for last like a treat! And the low fat lemon cremes were the BEST EVER....those were the BEST new cookie...you got us to try it, got us hooked and then took it away like candy from a baby.......Sooooo not cool!! I am 50 yrs old and not only did I win highest seller many times in my day in San Antonio but have been supporting you since then (not happily as the cookies are not as good but I have faith in the organization for the girls) so THAT is why I still buy...but less than I used to! Please lsten to the people!!!
—Guest Anita


I love cookies and there so amazing good and sugary who made these yum oh my gosh I wish I was a Girl Scout
—Guest Dalia


Please bring back the lemon cream filling cookie sandwiches. Everyone are asking for the lemon cookies. They were so good!! Where can I buy them?
—Guest Patricia Anderson

Lemon Chalet Cremes

I loved the lemon chalet crèmes and cannot find a troop that sells them. Hope they bring those back!
—Guest Missing Lemon

connie aikens

I would very much like to get the mango crèmes and the other lemon low-fat cookies
—Guest connie aikens


I box hakf a caae those were the best cookies right along wiyh thin mint. I nevee got tired of them. BRING THEM BACK PLEASE
—Guest malia b .


Lemon Pastry Crème are the best ever. Please, please get them back.
—Guest Betty


I ADORE the Double Dutch cookie. They are amazing, I am VERY upset that they have been discontinued. My least favorite is the thin mints.... Bleeeehhh.
—Guest Mariah

Cookies of the past

What I wouldn't do to have the Cafe' cookies back!
—Guest Cassie

girl scout leader

The shortbread cookies were named the Scot Teas because of the sugar sprinkled on top. We still have the Dolce De Leche! I like them all but my favs are the Shortbreads, Thin mints and thank you very bunch!
—Guest kelly

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Name Your Favorite and Non-Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

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