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Readers Respond: Name Your Favorite and Non-Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

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Scot tea

This was the best sugar cookie! It was so thin and delicious. I wish that would be brought back.
—Guest Jill

Favorite girl scout cookie

SOMOAS !! Yummy !! ADDICTING !! I don't caramel but this cookie is sexy and delicious. My taste buds scream for more.
—Guest Chantal


Did samoas used to be called somethin else? Or did there used to be another coconut cookie that started with M?
—Guest Mommy82

Dulce de leche

My faveee taste like caramel heaven. Lol not to sweet and not to flat never goes to waste either! That's my gave girl scout cookie
—Guest Nonya

girl scout cookies

I like all of them but Thank U Berry Munches. They are too sweet and they are weird!
—Guest ae


I really enjoyed the Cartwheel made with Oatmeal, a healthy, light, tasty cookie with fewer calories also want to add because of the oats as well as low sugar good for diabetics to be able to enjoy a few cookies
—Guest sj

my fave gs cookies

i like the tagalongs and the thin mints. thin mints anr my most faveorite ones tho. the only reason i like the tagalongs is cause of the chocolate.l if i had to choose between them i would have to go with the thin mints.
—Guest Jenna

A GS cookie from up North in the past

When I was a daycamp leader we had a gal who was from up north (I think) & I was able to get a box of cookies I have never seen again. It was rectangular in shape, covered in chocolate & had thin layer of caramel & a crispy firm texture. Reminded me of a kit cat bar. Anyone ever heard of them? When I sold as a scout we always had Burry's make our cookies. When ABC bakeries started making them, they weren't as good and Little Brownie Bakers were ok. Burry was truly the best!
—Guest Anna

Bring back the cracker

I liked the cracker Golden Yangles. They were simular to the cheese it.
—Guest Mega


I waited all year in anticipation for the wonderful somoas (my fav) and the thin mints (my 2nd fav) to come out....till I heard the news they were done with the year!? I checked my local grocrie stores every day and never saw them. my heart was broken....although lucky me I found some online mwhahaha best 60 dollars I ever spent
—Guest sambo

Tried & True Old Time Favorite

Who doesn't love thin mints? I used to know girl scouts who sold them and would buy enough to let us sample ahead of ordering. They were good but we always went with the thin mints when buying some. When I even hear the words "girl scout cookies" that is what comes to mind for me, thin mints.
—Guest Steve

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

My absolute favorite has to be Thin - Mint! they are the greatest. It's like comfort food that has that never wanting to end taste!!
—Guest Justine


I was highly disappointed that we did not have Lemonades in the Cincinnati area this year. Those Lemonades were so addicting I bought 4 boxes every time I saw a Girl Scout! These definitely need to come back next year... FYI: I did not buy 1 single box this year due to this problem!
—Guest Tiera

What happened to quality?

The samoas were not good this year, the cholocate was not dark and the flavor was flat, in fact all the cookies this year that I tried were not as good as last year. The thin mints tasted old or something, they just didn't have that fresh minty chocolate flavor tey used to. Shout outs, lemon, and even trefoils were just, meh.
—Guest Mike


I love thin mints! MOST POPULAR GIRL SCOUT COOKIE! However, I can't stand Samoas (EWW coconut!)
—Guest Emily

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