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Readers Respond: Name Your Favorite and Non-Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

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I love the Shortbread cookies because they are light and crunchy. They just seem to melt in my mouth and they are great with a glass of milk.
—Guest Lois Wilson

Favorite Gone away

I loved the Scot-Tees. Just like the Trefoil ,but large chunks of sugar on them. they were my favorite. The Dulce de Leche ones are pretty tasty though!
—Guest Pinkie


Ohhhhhhh I absolutely love Samoas. Tagalongs and Thin Mints are delicious. I also bought Do-Si-Dos and the Dulce de Leche ones, and both were nice. But SAMOAS. Mmmmm.


I love the tagalons, samoas, and the thinmints....I also wish they would make the all-abouts again...which were shortbread with a chocolate bottom layer...also bring back the sugar-free lemon wedding cookie....dont like the dulche/caramel ones, or the trefoils.the new berry kind is also pretty good.
—Guest girlscoutleader

Trefoils with the sugar on top!!

What were they called??? I looked up this site hoping somebody would remember the name of those!!
—Guest Rebecca

Best GS Cookie ever

My favorite Girl Scout Cookies are the Samoas! That said, I have not sampled them all...
—Guest User1002

gs cookies

Thin mints out of the freezer are the best. I miss the Lemon Pastry Cremes that were retired 2 yrs ago and the Pinatas and the original shortbread cookies that had the granulated sugar on them. My daughters are already requesting care packages for college next year. My least fave is the peanut butter sandwich. It's also the hardest for my troop to get rid of.
—Guest clare


Nothing beats eating frozen thin mints and having a tall glass of milk.
—Guest Chris


Do-Si-Do's are my favorite. I also like to crush them on my icecream. Samoa's are my least favorite


Of course the thin mints. Especially the ones from when I was a young girl in the 60's. I think the recent ones are okay, but they just are not the same. They r the best cold and with nice cup of cold milk to dunk them in. There is nothing better. My less fave is the peanut butter ones. ICK


I loved the all-abouts they were so good!!!!!! Wish they were back
—Guest Kim

Girl Scout cookies

I HATE those thank you berry munches! Bring chocolate carmel cookies back!!!
—Guest Eliza

chocolate caramel cookies

i LOVEEEEE the samoes! However, they did used to have a chocolate/caramel cookie (similar to the tagalongs) which my family also enjoyed. For the life of me I can't remember what those were called. I wish they would bring those back, because i have family members that love caramel, but don't like the coconut so they don't eat the samoas. I guess that leaves more for me. :)
—Guest kris

Lemon Chalet Cremes

I love the Lemon Chalet Cremes and the new Thank U Berry Much cookies. My girls hanker after Tagalongs and Samoas. My least favorites are Trefoils -- just not buttery enough for a shortbread cookie.

Girl Scout cookies

I like a cookie w/ mint flavor, and will pass on a cookie w/ peanut butter.
—Guest Frank

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