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Readers Respond: Name Your Favorite and Non-Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

Responses: 432


where's my lemon cookies?

I adore the GS lemon frosted cookies. Please bring them back!
—Guest susan palmer

hey, wjhat happemned?

The lemon cookies this year were like a sandwich cookie, not like my frosted lemon cookies from last year!
—Guest susan palmer


Where are those delicious Lemonade cookies? We need them in the Cleveland and Cin cinnati area.
—Guest Rev. Hagood

disappointed in girls scout cookies

Grr.. i waited all week to treat myself to a tiny and expensive package of thin mints only to be so turned off by the very poor quality of what was in the box. No way is this the thin mint of yesteryear. i don't know what they've done but this is a doolar-store cheap, unpleasant and bogus representation of what used to be the best cookie on the planet. I'm so relieved I only bought one box. I'm going to have to figure out how to make them for myself. Although I'd so much rather just have a pack of real girl scout thin mints.
—Guest gala2

bring them back

Lemon pastry cookies are the very best cookies you have ever sold. I love them and really miss them. I usually always had several boxes in the freezer all year long. Wish you would bring them back soon.
—Guest Dixie

Double Dutch Chocolate

Why on EARTH did they get rid of these??! :( I remember ordering from everyone and their mother when I was pregnant with my son, and I just about went into a bliss coma the first time I tasted these. I was heartbroken to know they were no longer available. Why did they ever stop making these?? Bring them back please! Who can I write to? Petition? Bribe? lol
—Guest Guest

thin mints, lemonades,and thanks-a-lots

i cant get enough girl-scout cookies yum thin mints,lemonades,and thanks-a-lots are 2 die for
—Guest booger brain


I wish the cranbery and sugarfree cookies would come back
—Guest Maria

All Abouts

Any one remember these? They were like the trefoils with chocolate on the bottom! Yum.
—Guest Michelle

Lemon Coolers

Defiantly the lemon coolers. They were a nice little refreshing treat all year around. I remember I was a brownie scout the year they came out and boy was I disappointed when I found out that they wouldn't be back that next year.l
—Guest Mara J (Former GS)


I am very disapointed. I bought cookies from 2 different counties and the cookies from the Sacramento area are not the same as the cookies from the Solano County area. The Caramel Delights are similiar to the Samoas (less coconut and caramel, milk chocolate instead of dark, and less coconut), but they are not the same cookies. These cookies from different counties are made by two separate baker's. Stick with Little Debbie for the baker. There cookies are better.
—Guest Suzanne

Caramel delights

Samoas are the best cookies ever. What's an Oreo? Lol
—Guest Adam Wieckhorst

Bring back

Bring back Lemon Pastry Cremes-it's my favorite. Please
—Guest Priscilla


Put me down for Dosido's and Samoa's. Just ordered 7 + 4 boxes.
—Guest Wendy


I don't understand why the cookies have to be so small themselves as do the boxes of cookies. We are paying $3.50 per box and only receiving up to 20 cookies. That's quite a bit. I would pay $4.00 a box if there were more in them. I bought the Dulche De Leche and they are sooo tiny. Plus they don't have a very good flavor. Blah. Somoas Rule!
—Guest Annie325

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