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Readers Respond: Name Your Favorite and Non-Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

Responses: 432


Big Girlz

My favorite Girl Scout Cook would have to be the Trefoils hands down. The Do-Si-Dos and Samoas are my second and third choices. If you go camping or hiking in the summer, the Do-Si-Dos freeze the best.
—Guest Big Girl

My All Time Favorite GS Cookie

My All Time Favorite GS Cookies are Trefoils---keep it simple!
—Guest Kia Williams


Sugar free cookies were great, especially since it my only option! Please bring them back!
—Guest Sandy blickenstaff

love the lemonades!

My family absolutely loves the Lemonade cookies, and we dont sell them in our council area (bummer). Have to take a trip to the next county over to get our Lemonade fix. Gonna have to buy 5 or 10 boxes of those to put in my freezer (they freeze absolutely wonderfully).
—Guest sd asst. leader


Werent the old peanut butter sandwiches called Savanahs?
—Guest T


My favorite will always be ALL the sandwich varieties that we sold in the fifties...there were the original vanilla shortbreads w/vanilla; chocolate w/chocolate; vanilla with peanut butter; chocolate with chocolate; a maple flavor and a lemon flavor...the lemon sandwich will always be my very, very favorite. There were 8 muffin liners (there were two of two varieites) of a few of these cookies in each box that we sold and they froze beautifully. They were very fresh and soft when we received them and few people could afford to order more than a box or two. A few famlies with freezer sometimes would order a dozen, to freeze some.
—Guest ro

fav. cookie

my favorite cookies are the lemonades the taste is really lemonade like it tastes like it
—Guest browniemegan

oxford cremes

bring back oxford creme cookies. yo,baby! nothing else matters
—Guest Tex

best cookies

I love thin mints. I do remember the vanilla an chocolate sandwich cookies and wish they bring them back please:)
—Guest alice

Bring Back

the cinna swirls and the Thanks a lot to Massachusetts!!!
—Guest JC

ummm... cookies

I wish the Lemon Coolers would be brought back, so yummy, nom nom....
—Guest CK

Please bring them back!

Back in the late 1950's when I was a brownie, my all time favorite was the original sandwich cookies.
—Guest c

Thin Mints!

My granddaughter and I love these cookies so much. I decided to order more this year. They're delicious! I also like the Thanks-A-Lot. Wish I could order cookies twice a year :)
—Guest Emma

cookie favorite

My children loved the Lemon Coolers. They long for their return.
—Guest Kim


Seriously are you still selling thank you cookies i loved those.
—Guest ajgs99rox

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