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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Christmas Cookies?

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From the article: Christmas Cookies
Growing-up Mother and I would traditionally make sugar cookies for Christmas. I've carried that tradition on with my daughter. As she's gotten older, her tastes have become more mature. She still enjoys all the aspects of sugar cookies: making the dough, cutting them out and then baking and decorating them. But she's beginning to enjoy having homemade Biscotti around during the holiday season, too. Biscotti is the perfect dipping cookie whether it's into hot tea or coffee. Plus, they're not quite as sweet as a decorated sugar cookie. Eating a couple in the afternoon won't ruin your appetite for dinner. Share Your Favorites


This year I baked my favourite shortbread cookies. I don't eat cookies, and shortbread is the only cookie I bake. I put them in cookie tins and hand them out to staff of our condominium building. I do, however, bake many quick breads and muffins. If a quick bread recipe is sufficient for two loaves, I love to turn out one loaf and 12 muffins. All of my loaves and muffins usually include cranberries. They are right up there in the super-food category, along with blueberries. Cranberries are included in all of my fruit pies. This year it was apple/cranberry pie, loaves and muffins; banana/walnut/cranberry loaf; pumpkin/apple/cranberry/walnut loaf and muffins; pear/cranberry/avocado loaf and muffins. Cranberries are preferred over raisins. because they do not add additional sugar to recipes, as raisins will. Right after Christmas, when the supermarket reduces the price on cranberries I stock up and freeze at least 24 packages for year-round use.
—Guest Elaine Radu

Chocolate Chip

They aren't Christmas cookies but chocolate chip are my favorites and I make them in all sorts of holiday shapes (bells, stars, Christmas trees, etc.). Sometimes I puncture small holes in them before baking, then tie a string through the hole and hang them on our Christmas tree - kids love eating them right off the branches =) I don't have a favorite recipe but I've tried several of these and loved them all.

This year i'm baking

Cocoa fudge cookies and might put some chocolate covered craisins in them, snowball cookies but with oatmeal instead of nuts, it will make them lower calorie. Also jeweled biscotti, and split second cookies with seedless raspberry jam, that got here on About.com, many years ago.
—Guest sundayschild


galletas de gengibre y todas las de colores que me haga recordar el espiritu de la navidad

cooies cookies cookies!

I always make fruitcake cookies, cookie pies,candy cane cookies, surprise cookies and meringues. I used to always make pizelles, but my pizelle maker self-destructed. I usually make 12 kinds of cookies for Christmas------and at LEAST one new kind every year. This year my 'new' cookie was pumpkin/pineapple drops. If you e me, I'll send the recipes.

Guest house in saligramam

i love cookies they are so crispy and so nice Guest house in saligramam
—Guest gokul


Hi My aged Auntie gave a recipe for shortbread that I use every year. I use half and half white and potato flour. knead it for about 10 minutes by hand. Melt in your mouth. I have fresh vanilla beans which increases the flavor but the texture is all aunties! I try to make them at least 2 weeks in advance of eating them.
—Guest Charles

favorite christmas cookies

we always-since i was a little girl; snickerdoodles.pecan tassies,wedding cookies. and a new one-eggnog lemon cookies

Christmas cookies

These are the cookies I make for Christmas: Aunt Helen's butter cookies(above) Rainbow cookies made with almond paste. Amaretti and Pignoli made with ground almonds and egg white. Sesame cookies(Biscotti de Rgina) Several different biscotti. Almond horns.
—Guest annaengdahl@rocketmail.com

Butter Cookies

I am the Aunt Anna wrote about. Aunt Helen, I have been baking these cookies since I was 13 years old. That's 62 years now. Everyone knows me for my cookies. Glad to see my niece is carrying on my tradition.

Mexican Wedding Cakes

also known as Russian Tea Cakes, White Mice, Pecan Puffballs, and various other names. It wouldn't be Christmas without these White powdered sugar-covered pecan cookies!


My family's favorite is a Scotch Shortbread made with just butter, flour & sugar. It is a recipe handed down from one of our favorite Scot neighbors and is absolutely delicious.
—Guest Charlene Lee


mexican wedding cookies which are small shortbread like cookies with ground pecans and cinnamon, covered in powdered sugar. These are a christmas cookie staple. I like gingerbread, but this year I may stick with the mex. wedding cookies, and other home made candies, such as choc. covered pretzals, divinity, possibly, and others like peppermint white choc. bark, and peanut brittle possibly sunflower coconut brittle and maybe even cashew brittle! Cannot wait, mostly enjoy the giving and sharing of these homemade seasonal sweets!
—Guest lizzyj006

Soft Sugar Cookies

3 cups sugar 3 sticks butter 3 eggs 2 tsp. soda 8 cups flour 1 can 15 oz. evaporated milk pinch salt 4 tsp. vanilla 4 tsp. baking powdered Combine all ingredients. Chill 2 hours or overnight. Roll our and cut with cookie cutters. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. Can be rolled out in powdered sugar or flour. I frost with Wilton's butter cream recipe. I make these for all holidays through out the year. Everybody loves them.


Any sugar cookie recipe is SO versatile, and can be used in so many different ways! My VERY favourite is to make a brown sugar sugar cookie, with nutmeg in it. I use these for cut-outs: reindeer, wreaths, bells, etc. I save the white sugar sugar cookie dough, flavoured with mace, for the santa cut-puts, angels, and various other odds and ends that I cannot remember right now. Carroll, I really decided to comment because I like your picture of the plate of cookies! THAT is the way I like them decorated. To me, too perfect may as well be from a commercial bakery, or the grocery store. And those cookies pictured show the spirit and personality of those getting their sticky fingers into the spirit of the season!

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What Are Your Favorite Christmas Cookies?

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