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Holiday Chocolate Mousse

Share Your Story: Traditional Christmas Baking Stories

By Suzi

Holiday Chocolate Mousse

Holiday Chocolate Mousse

What Baking Traditions Did You Grow-Up With?

We always had a special treat New Year's Eve. It varied, but we enjoyed preparing it together in the kitchen while we were waiting for midnight.

How Are They Today? (If desired, share recipes here.)

I started doing this as a newlywed, and have done it every year for 21 years now. On New Year's eve we make a chocolate mousse and eat it while we watch the festivities in Times Square on tv. Even in the summertime, sometimes the kids will ask me "is it almost time to make the mousse?"


  • *Whip your own cream to add to the top of the mousse - it's so much better than non-dairy whipped topping!

Carroll Pellegrinelli, About.com Desserts/Baking, says:

Suzi, thanks so much for sharing you Holiday Chocolate Mousse story and photo.
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