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Desserts/Baking: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Cake Recipe Mile-High Coconut Layer Cake
This is another elegant and tasty cake.
Your Comprehensive Guide to 2015Girl Scout...
Here is a complete list of Girl Scout Cookies. Page 2.
The Very Popular Bacardi Rum Cake
Here is the famous Bacardi Rum Cake recipe. This extremely moist cake is one of the most popular cake recipes on this website.
A Handy Guide to Baking Times and Pan Sizes
Here's are the times for baking different sized cake pans. This is so useful when converting recipes from layer cakes to sheet cakes and vice versa.
Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Cake
Here are the step-by-step instructions for making a heart-shaped cake.
Basic Pancake Recipe
Anyone can make pancakes with this classic recipe. You will also find several serving options to go along with them,
Desserts/Baking - Search Results
Having trouble? Here are some helpful suggestions: Check your spelling. Avoid punctuation, and make sure
The 5 Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies
Here is a list of the most popular Girl Scout Cookies for 2012.
Mrs. Quinn's Easy Brownies
Mrs. Quinn's Easy Brownies are the rich fudgy kind.
15-Minute Recipe for Cream Cheese Glaze
Here is a recipe for Cream Cheese Glaze, which goes perfectly on a Pumpkin Bundt Cake. It would also work on any chocolate or red velvet cake.
Basic Yellow Cake From Scratch
Everyone will enjoy this basic yellow cake recipe. It's very similar to what Brit's call a sponge cake. It's got holes and a firmer texture.
Limoncello Cake with Mascarpone Frosting
Enjoy this lemon-flavored cake and frosting. The mascarpone helps make the frosting really creamy
How to Print Recipes From About.com
Here are the directions for printing a recipe without ads and making the font larger.
How to Make Colored Popcorn: A 10-Step Photo...
Here are the instructions for how to make colored popcorn with step by step photo instructions.
Cake Gallery
Here a Cake Gallery filled with photos of cakes and cake pictures. Please enjoy these photos of cakes.
Whip Up Yummy French Toast With This Basic Recipe
Everyone has a simple way to make French Toast. This is the easiest way I can find to make Basic French Toast.
A Scrumptious Recipe for Making Banana Bread in...
What could be easier than making your Banana Bread in the Bread Machine? The hardest part of the recipe is waiting for the bread to be done.
Your 10-Step Picture Guide to Basic Cake Making
Here are the instructions for Basic Cake Making.
Directions for Making Pancakes
Here are some step-by-step instructions for baking pancakes.
How Many Cake Slices Will You Get from a Cake?
Here is a chart with the amount of servings per size of cake.
Canning Jar Cakes - The Perfect Homemade Gift
Canning Jar Cakes make the most wonderful homemade gifts. Make them today with these instructions.
9-Step Picture Guide for Frosting a Cake...
Here are the step by step photo instructions for icing a cake with frosting.
Make Homemade Plain Cake Doughnuts with This...
This recipe for Plain Cake Doughnuts will satisfy everyone's craving for homemade doughnuts. When you make them yourself, they taste so much better than you can get them anywhere else.
Your Ultimate Brownie Recipe
The Ultimate Brownie is my absolute favorite brownie. It's a combination of a cake-like and a fudge-like brownie. It doesn't even need frosting.
Lemon Snowbars
Lemon Snowbars are a bar cookie that is similar to a lemon pie.
Making Truffles
Here are the complete instructions for making truffles.
Jazz Up Your Cake Mix with These 9 Ideas
Cake mixes are a great time saver in our busy lifestyles. Use these simple cake ideas to convert your favorite cake recipe into a cake-mix-recipe.
Easy Brownie Bites
Here are the directions for making brownie bites.
Dog Biscuits Dog Treats Pet Food Recipes
Here are several recipes for Man's best friend.: jack russell terriers pet food recipes num nums cup parsley dachound
Your 6-Step Picture Guide to Making Buttercream...
Here are the complete step-by-step photos for making buttercream frosting.
6 Lesson to Becoming an Expert Cake Baker
Welcome to the online course in How to Make Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons.
Make Your Own Self-Rising Flour
Here is a simple how to make self-rising flour, from your about.com guide
How to Zest and Juice a Lemon with Step By Step...
Learn how to zest and juice a lemon with these step by step photo instructions.
How Can You Soften Cream Cheese Quickly?
Here are the simple directions for softening cream cheese. So just if you forgot to leave the cream cheese out to soften, you can still make dessert.
Traditional Southern Lane Cake
Lane Cakes have long been served as traditional Christmas desserts. If you're a raisin-lover this cake is for you.
10 Crucial Pieces of Equipment for Baking
Here is a list of 10 Crucial Pieces of Equipment for Baking. Just have these items and you can bake just about anything.
11 Desserts You Can Make with Sweetened...
Here are several dessert and sweet treat recipes that call for the use of sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient.
Vintage 7UP Pound Cake
Everyone loves the lemony flavor of 7-UP pound cake.
Tantalizing Cheesecake Brownies
I've been eating Cheesecake Brownies ever since a dear friend introduced me to them. She bought me one at a bakery inside Macy's downtown Atlanta.
Easy Crockpot Banana Bread
Here is a recipe for banana bread that is made in the crockpot.
Make Delectable Crepes with This Basic Recipe
Here is the basic recipe for crepes.
10 Must-Try Brownie Recipes to Satisfy Any...
Thanks to all that submitted their
Loaded Blondies
Here is a Blondie Recipe is loaded with chocolate and toasted walnuts.
All You Need to Know about Baking with Bundt...
Bundt Cakes (and breads) are made in beautifully shaped Bundt® Pans made by NordiWare®. You will find baking tips and great recipes in this article.
How Can You Make Cake Flour If You Run Out?
Here are the simple directions for making cake flour.
Fresh Lemon Pound Cake
Here is the recipe for Fresh Lemon Pound Cake, a from-scratch Bundt and Pound Cake recipe.
Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge - Gluten...
Three ingredient peanut butter fudge is not only simple to make but it is tasty too.
Royal Brownies
Royal Brownies are fit for a queen with two types of frosting.
Outstanding Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese...
Red Velvet Cake is my husband's favorite birthday cake. The slight sour flavor of the Cream Cheese Frosting helps to play down the sweetness of the cake.
Strawberry Cake
This recipe for Strawberry Cake is made with strawberry gelatin and frozen strawberries.
How to Make White Trash, a Sweet Party Snack
White Trash is a fun sweet snack recipe to take to any party. It's made with white chocolate and various cereals, pretzels and nuts.
Dump Cake
Dump Cake. Here are several Dump Cake recipes, which typically begin with a cake mix.
Try These New Orleans Dessert Recipes to...
I've been going to New Orleans since I was in elementary school. Here are some of my favorite desserts.
How to Make Strawberry Hearts: Your Illustrated...
Here are the step by step instructions for making strawberry hearts.
Pig Pickin' Cake Recipe: A Mandarin Orange...
Here is a recipe for a three-layer Pig Pickin' Cake a.k.a. Mandarin Orange Cake that is typically served at a southern barbecue.
Make Banana Pancakes for a Breakfast Treat with...
Just add a mashed banana to a simple recipe and you have these great pancakes.
Favorite Super Bowl Party Desserts
Here are several dessert and other treat recipe suggestions to take to a Super Bowl Party.
How to Make a Decadent Coconut Pecan Frosting
This Coconut Pecan Frosting recipe is perfect for icing a German Chocolate Cake.
Contest Cake Recipe Contest
Here are the entries in the cake recipe contest.
9 Bestselling Baked Goods for Bake Sales
Here are some of the bestselling baked goods to sell your next bake sale.
How to Easily Grease and Flour Baking Pans
Here are the written and photo instructions for Greasing and Flouring Baking Pans.
Make the Ultimate Vanilla-Frosted Cinnamon Roll...
If you're looking for the Ultimate Cinnamon Roll, you've found it in this recipe. You're whole house will smell for freshly baked goodness.
Fantastic Chocolate Peanut Clusters
I make these Chocolate-Peanut Clusters for the holidays and for funerals. Funerals, you say? Well, there is just something about that chocolate-salt combination that can be a big comfort during a time of sadness.
Handy Tips for Preparing, Storing, and Baking...
Here are the basic types of cookies like drop, icebox, rolled and bar. Page 3.
A Chocaholic's Dream: The Ultimate Chocolate...
Here is a recipe for the best chocolate cake - Chocolate Fudge Cake.
Irresistible Deep Fried Twinkies
Here is a recipe for Deep Fried Twinkies. You don't have to go to a fair, carnival or a football game to get them. Yes, they are indeed are irresistible.
Fun and Profitable Bake Sales
Here are some great tips for creating a successful bake sale for your school, religious organization or club.
Delicious Low Carb Chocolate Mousse
All you need is whipping cream, artificial sweetener and cocoa powder to make this recipe for Low Carb Chocolate Mousse.
Make the Perfect Buttercream Frosting With Just...
Here is a recipe for Buttercream Icing and/or Buttercream Frosting.
How to Make a Basic White Cake
Here is a basic recipe for White Cake.
Handy Baking Conversions for Your Favorite...
Use this chart to take any cookie dough and convert it into drop cookies, bar cookies, cookie pizzas and more.
How to Make Pineapple Angel Food Cake
Angel food cakes are naturally low in fat. This Pineapple Angel Food Cake is made special with the addition of pineapple.
February - National Dessert Days
Here are the national days in February dedicated to desserts and other sweet treats in this food calendar.
Step-by-Step Recipe for Amish Friendship Bread
Here are the recipe and directions that go with a bag of starter to make Friendship Bread.
Stupendous Sheet Cakes
Typically, sheet cakes are baked in a 9x13 pan. Most of the cakes I bake are taken and eaten somewhere else, so sheet cakes fit the bill perfectly. I especially like them when the people eating it are cutting their own pieces.
Classic Banana Split Ice Cream
Here is the recipe for a banana split.
Everybody's Favorite Frosting
Here is a recipe for Everybody's Favorite Frosting, which is like a whipped cream frosting without the cream.
Deadly Fudge Brownie Pie
The Fudge Brownie Pie is so rich and fudgy. It doesn't seem to matter if I use a store bought brownie mix or make it from scratch.
Loads of Flavor and Nutrition in These Chewy...
You'll find lots of nutrition in these Butterscotch Carrot Oat Bars.
Limoncello Bundt Cake
Here is a recipe for Limoncello Bundt Cake.
Home-style Oatmeal Cookies
Here is a recipe for Oatmeal Cookies that are just like Mom's.
How Do You Make Cinnamon Rolls in a Bread...
Using the bread machine is an energy saver when it comes to making these cinnamon rolls. The machine does the mixing and the initial raising.
Poke Cake
Poke Cake is made by adding gelatin to holes made in the cake.
How to Measure Flour
Here are the simple steps necessary for measuring flour.
How to Make Fabulous Blondies
When is a brownie not a brownie, when it's a blondie. A blondie is like a brownie only it's not brown. It may or may not have chocolate in it, but it will have that same great flavor and texture of a brownie.
Make Scrumptious Cinnamon Raisin Bread in Your...
Here is a recipe for Cinnamon Raisin Bread that is made in the bread machine.
Easy-to-Prepare Oil Pie Crust
Here is an easy recipe for an Oil Pie Crust. Making a pie crust with oil means simple mixing and no pastry blender needed.
How To Bake in Decorative Baking Tubes
Here are the directions and baking tips for baking in decorative baking tubes.
Dump Cake - Gluten Free
Easy Cobbler (also know as Dump Cake) is a very easy but great tasting dessert made with crushed pineapple, cherry pie filling, yellow cake mix, butter, coconut and pecans.
Simple Steps for Making Delicious Biscotti
Here are the step by step photos showing how to make delicious biscotti. They are much easier to make than you think.
Heavenly Homemade Coconut Cake with Toasted...
This from-scratch cake recipe for Pineapple Coconut Cake is very moist.
Make the Ultimate Brownies in 10 Steps: A Photo...
Here are the instructions for making brownies with step-by-step photos.
3-Layer Italian Cream Cake with Cream Cheese...
This fabulous homemade cake is moist and made with toasted pecans and coconut flakes, and and is easy to refrigerate if there are any leftovers.
Whipped Cream Frosting
Whipped Cream Frosting is one of the lightest cake frostings you can make.
Biscuit Mix Pancakes Recipe
It just takes 3 ingredients to make these pancakes.
Peanut Butter Balls
Peanut Butter Balls literally melt in your mouth.
Easy Coconut Cake
It can't get any simpler with this recipe for Easy Coconut Cake.
Easy Boozy Brownies with Bourbon and Rum
I make this recipe for Boozy Brownies at least once a year for Miss Arlene's birthday.
Minty Chocolate Cheesecake Made with Girl Scout...
This Minty Chocolate Cheesecake is made with Girl Scout Cookies.
Simple Apple Dump Cake Recipe
Here is a recipe for Apple Dump Cake, which looks like a cake but tastes like an apple pie.
Super Simple Ways to Soften Brown Sugar
Learn how to soften brown sugar with these steps.
Fresh Lemon Glaze
Use fresh lemons to make this recipe for Lemon Glaze. It's hard to beat that sweet and sour combination especially when it's drizzled on a sweet cake.
How to Make Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons - #1
Here is Lesson One in How to Bake Cakes.
A Super-Easy Recipe for 3-Layer Key Lime Cake
Here's a recipe for Tropical Key Lime Cake. It's made with those small yellow limes that have an extra special flavor.
Learn How to Decorate a Cake - Part One
This is Basic Cake Decorating, a cake decorating for beginners offered two parts.
Here is a profile about the baking ingredient yeast.
The Only Sugar Cookie Recipe You'll Ever Need
Here is a recipe for the very best sugar cookies you'll ever make.
Homemade Lemon Curd
Here is a recipe for Homemade Lemon Curd made with six - 6 - egg yolks.
How to Whip Cream in Less Than 15 Minutes
Here are the simple directions showing how to whip cream.
16 Tips for Baking the Perfect Cheesecake
Here are several tips for the perfect cheesecake.
How to Make Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons #3
Here is lesson three in the how to make cakes in 6 easy lessons, Icing and Decorating Cakes.
Whip Up Cheese Danishes in a Flash with This...
This recipe for Cheese Danish starts with an already-made crescent roll dough. You get all that flakiness without the extra effort.
Basic Trifle Recipe
Here are the suggested ingredients to create your own basic trifle.
7 Awesome Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Video...
Here is a list of several videos devoted to basic cake decorating.
Rustic Cherry Pie
Here is a recipe for a Rustic Cherry Pie made with fresh cherries.
How to Make Miniature Tart Shells or Tartlets
Here are the step by step photo instructions in how to make miniature tart shells.
Pie Crust Recipe
Here is a Pie Crust recipe for a double crust pie. The ingredients may be halfed for a single crust.
Fabulous Funnel Cake
Funnel Cake is a very popular sweet served at fairs and carnivals. They can be eaten just sprinkled with powdered sugar or topped with apple pie filling, ice cream and more.
12 Desserts You Can Make With 4 Ingredients or...
Here is a list of Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes that Made with 4 or Less Ingredients.
You Can Easily Make This Lemon Poke Cake At Home
This fluffy, moist Lemon Poke cake is made entirely from scratch, using nothing more than butter, flour, sugar, lemon and a few other ingredients.
Easy Blueberry Cobbler
Here is a recipe for Easy Blueberry Cobbler that is made with a cake mix.
Simple Steps for Making Ice Cream
Here are the step-by-step instructions, including photos, for making ice cream or most particularly, Vanilla Custard Ice Cream.
Your Illustrated Guide to a Perfect Homemade...
Here are the step by step instructions for making cheesecake. This first step involves pulverizing cookies in the food processor to make the crust.
Vanilla Pastry Cream Recipe
Vanilla Pastry Cream is the perfect filling for cakes and pastries like a Napoleon.
Basic Chocolate Buttercream Icing
Chocolate Buttercream Icing is the favorite icing of many people including myself. In fact, for my birthday I prefer a yellow cake topped with Chocolate Buttercream Icing.
All About Cream
All About Cream covers the descriptions of several different types of cream from chantilly to whipping.
Baking Soda
Here is a profile of baking soda, a baking and dessert making ingredient.
Cake Mix Cookies
Instead of flour and sugar, these cookies are made with a cake mix.
Boiled Frosting
This recipe for Boiled Frosting makes enough to cover tops and sides for icing cakes of 2 9-inch layer cakes.
27 Essential Tips for Cake Baking
Here are several tips for preparing a basic cake recipe.
How To Stabilize Whipped Cream
Here is a simple how to stabilize whipped cream, from your about.com guide
All About Pound Cakes
Pound Cakes are the most versatile desserts. Learn about their history, how to make them, how to change their flavor and how to convert a standard recipe to use a cake mix.
How to Make Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons #2
Here is the second lesson in How to Bake Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons.
Easy Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Fresh, tangy and moist are three words that describe this Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. Oh yes, it's easy to make, because it's made with a cake and pudding mix.
Your Handy Guide to Baking with a Bread Machine
Here are recipes and tips for The Bread Machine, one of the best inventions of the 20th century.
How to Make Basic White Bread in Your Bread...
Basic White Bread is a recipe everyone should have in their bread machine repertoire.
Creative Crepe Folds
Here are the instructions, complete with photos, for making several different types of crepe folds.
Kumquat Bundt Cake with Kumquat Glaze
Here is a recipe for Kumquat Bundt Cake made from scratch.
A Super-Simple Recipe for Scrumptious Sugar...
Here is the best sugar cookie recipe you'll ever try. Page 3.
Kumquat Cream Pie
Here is a no bake pie recipe for Kumquat Cream Pie.
All About Biscotti
Biscotti, twice baked Italian cookies, are very easy to make. Learn how to make biscotti with step by step photo instructions and several different recipes.
New York - Style Cheesecake
Here is a recipe for New York - Style Cheesecake.
Make Healthy Whole Wheat Bread with This Bread...
You can even make healthy breads in the bread machine. Try this easy recipe for Whole Wheat Bread.
How to Make Amish Friendship Bread Starter
Here is the recipe for Amish Friendship Bread Starter, which is used to make Friendship Bread.
How to Puree Kumquats
Here are the directions telling how to puree kumquats.
No-Bake Oatmeal Cocoa Cookies - Gluten Free
Here is a recipe for No-Bake Oatmeal Cocoa Cookies.
Tomato Soup Cake
Here is a recipe for Tomato Soup Cake that is made from-scratch.
Easy Chocolate Fondue in the Crockpot
You can make this recipe for Easy Chocolate Fondue in your crockpot.
Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball
This recipe for a chocolate chip cheese ball is perfect served with graham crackers or ginger snaps.
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