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St Patrick’s Day ‘Blogathon’ 2010

St. Patrick's Day Recipes from the Food Sites of About.com


You only need a couple of other ingredients to make Apple-Barley Pudding.

Apple and Barley Pudding is an Irish favorite.

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From Linda Larsen - Busy Cooks
This super easy Crockpot Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe lets you cook tender corned beef in the slowcooker. The cabbage is added at the end of cooking time so it stays slightly crisp.
For a twist on the classic St. Patrick's Day recipes, Corned Beef and Cabbage Tarts, delicious individual little tarts, combine red cabbage and cubed corned beef with Gruyere cheese.

Donna Pilato - Entertaining
Here are two party-planning features to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day:
Enjoying St. Patrick's Day Even If You're Not Irish and
A St. Patrick's Day Party for the Whole Family

Barbara Rolek - Eastern European Food
The dough in this no-knead, one-rise recipe for Hungarian Beer Bread can be formed into rolls or loaves, but I like them as sticks or pretzels best. Their crunch makes them good candidates for cocktails or, what else, more beer! Translate this into a healthier snack by using white whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose.
If you swap pork for beef in this hearty Polish recipe for smoked pork butt and cabbage, you have a dead ringer for corned beef and cabbage. Leftovers can be turned into soup or another meal over noodles.

Colleen Graham - Cocktails
Simply add a bit o' Irish whiskey and you have transformed your favorite Vodka Martini into a lucky libation: Irish Martini.
"Everybody's Irish" is a cocktail that will get everyone in the spirit of the Irish. The mix of Irish whiskey with Chartreuse and crème de menthe results in a green cocktail that is quite delightful.

Jen Hoy - Macrobiotics
Try these Green Smoothies for St Patrick's Day:
Mango Pineapple Green Smoothie
Ultra Green Smoothie
These might be good for recovering the day after!

Elaine Lemm - British Food
St Patrick's Day can be long with all the celebrations and parades, so make sure you start out with a good breakfast. Why not try A Full Irish with bacon, eggs, sausage and potato Fadge with a couple of slices of Soda Bread? That will keep you going.

Bryce Eddings - Beer
Let's look beyond Guinness this year for our St. Paddy's day stout fix. A Layman's Guide to Stout guides you through the different styles of stout from cream to Russian imperial.
Is emerald green beer what you're looking for to make St. Patrick's Day complete? Here's a step-by-step guide to making green beer.

Molly Watson - Local Foods
Butter Braised Cabbage couldn't be easier: gently cook chopped cabbage in a bit of butter and salt for a meltingly tender, richly flavored side dish perfect to serve with roast meats of all kinds - including corned beef or roasted lamb.
Potatoes & Cabbage are cooked with a bit of cream and topped with cheese for a hearty dish perfect for a vegetarian nod to St. Patrick's Day.
Fun Green Desserts and Treats for St. Patrick's Day
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