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Puddings and Gelatins

Both puddings and gelatins are so versitle. You can make everything from a mousse to a trifle with these recipes.
  1. Bread Pudding (8)
  2. Gelatins (17)
  3. Puddings (28)

Allie Prudhomme Fonterot's Bread Pudding
Here is the bread pudding recipe my mother just loved to make and eat.

Basic Bread Pudding
Here is a recipe for Basic Bread Pudding, a dessert staple in New Orleans.

Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee is a simple, yet very elegant dessert.

This frothy, elegant dessert is as easy as pudding to make.

Basic Trifle Recipe
Here are the suggested ingredients to create your own basic trifle.

Banana Layer Cake
Enjoy Emeril's recipe for Banana Layer Cake.

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