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Pie Baking 101 - Lesson Four

Other Baked Pies


I just love that sweet-tart flavor.

A Lemon Chess Pie is almost like a lemon meringue pie only better.

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This lesson includes other baked pies like custard, chess and various other non-traditional baked pies.

Chess Pies
Chess Pies are the original pie recipes that came from the farm where a pie was made everyday. The Chess Pie was an inexpensive pie to make because all of the ingredients were kept on hand. The most popular chess pie is a Pecan Pie. Other Chess Pie Recipes -
Lemon Chess Pie
Citrus Chess Pie
Dark Chocolate Chess Pie
Lemon Chess Pie

Custard Pies -
Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Potato Pie

Non-Traditional Pies and Wannabes

Chocolate Pies
Fudge Brownie Pie, a is a Brownie baked in a pie crust.
Chocolate Chip Pie, is like a cookie baked in a pie shell.

Upside-Down and Bottom-Less Pies
Apple Pandowdy, an upside-down pie
Cobblers, bottomless pies.

Rustic Pies
Rustic Cherry Pie, a pie made without a pie pan.

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