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Irish Desserts

These Irish desserts and breads aren't just for St. Patrick's Day.

Chocolate-Orange Guinness Cake
Chocolate-Orange Guinness Cake gets its slightly sharp taste from the Guinness Stout (Beer).

St. Patricks Day Goodies Authentic Irish Desserts and Breads
If you want to do more than wear green on St. Patrick's Day, why not try some of these authentic Irish Desserts and Breads?

Apple and Barley Pudding
There are only five ingredients in this simple pudding.

Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake
Not only is this cheesecake made with Bailey's Irish Cream, but the crust is made with vanilla wafers.

Barm Brack
According to a reader from Dublin, Ireland, Barm Brack "... is is a Halloween recipe, and should contain a ring wrapped in greaseproof paper, which is carefully avoided by whoever is cutting the brack for tea on Halloween, so that somebody can find it in their slice. Finding the ring is supposed to mean that you will be married within the year."

Everyone will enjoy these Irish Potato Pancakes.

Brown Soda Bread
This bread uses wheat flour, wheat bran and oats.

Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake
Yes, this cake is made with Guinness Stout (a.k.a. beer).

Glazed Irish Tea Cakes
Here are some lovely cakes made with cream cheese and currents. The glaze is made with fresh lemon juice.

Granny's Irish Scones
These scones (a.k.a. biscuits in America) are made with self-rising flour and dried fruits.

Irish Banoffee Pie
This simple pie has bananas and whipped cream in a graham cracker crust.

Irish Brown Cake
Raisins make this cake brown.

Irish Cinnamon Potatoes
You need to try this potato candy today.

Irish Coffee Meringues
Meringues can be so pretty.

Irish Soda Bread
This recipe for Irish Soda Bread is made in the bread machine.

Irish Spice Bread
This bread is made like a quick bread.

Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie
The use of a mint Oreo Crust really heightens the chocolate-mint flavor of this Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie.

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