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Dessert and a Movie - Halloween

Tasty Treats and Frightening Films


2008 The Shining DVD Cover from Pricegrabber, Inc., licensed to About.com.

Try to make your face cake like Jack Nicholson's character's.

2008 The Shining DVD Cover from Pricegrabber, Inc., licensed to About.com.
Halloween isn't just for kids. Please enjoy these personally selected sweets and movies just perfect for your Halloween celebration.
  • The Shining
    I can't even watch parts of this movie without being scared. "Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny..." - need I say more?
    Jack O'Lantern Face Cake -
    With a little creativity, you could make the face on this cake look just like Jack Nicholson's character in the movie.
  • The Changeling
    George C. Scott plays a man, already haunted by the deaths of his wife and daughter, who moves into a haunted house. I just loved the house. It would make a perfect inn. After this movie, you might be like me and never look at a wheelchair the same way again.
    Ginny's Peanut Brittle -
    You definitely need something crunchy with this film.
  • The Haunting 1963
    Here's another really great looking house. This time we know the house is haunted from the beginning as three paranormal investigators are there to check it out. Watch-out for those spiral staircases. This movie is in black and white, which even adds to the scariness.
    Severed Fingers -
    These are sweet, salty with chocolate, too!
  • The Legend of Hell House
    Okay, I guess I have a thing for mansions. Yes, it's another haunted house, but this time Roddy McDowell is there to save the day.
    Chocolate Spiders -
    Anyone can make this 3 ingredient treat, and in a hurry if needed.
  • Sixth Sense
    This movie really touched a nerve with me. Whenever you see something out of the corner of your eye or the hair stands-up on the back of your neck you're not alone.
    Easy Cobbler -
    Yes, I know this isn't exactly a "Halloween Treat", but I need some comfort food with this movie. Yum, it's served warm with vanilla ice cream on top.
  • Thirteen Ghosts 1960
    My desire for a fancy canopy bed went away with this movie.
    Hairy Fingers -
    That's what my husband calls the Greek pastry Kataifi. If you can't find Kataifi pastry try this version of Kataife Made with Shredded Wheat Cereal.
  • Arsenic and Old Lace
    Here's another Halloween movie I just have to watch each and every year. It's not a scarey movie, but it is funny and macabre. It just shows how we can think killing someone is okay in the right circumstances.
    Dirt -
    You might as well serve cemetery-themed dessert, as there are quite a lot of dead bodies in this movie.

Movie note: While there may be later versions made of some of these movies, I believe these are the best versions.

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