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Mailing Cookies and Other Baked Goods

Yes, You Can


Mailing Cookies and Other Baked Goods

Cookies sent in the mail

cherrylet/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
The gifts I prefer to give are homemade gifts. Unfortunately, not all of my gift recipients live nearby. I'm sure it's that way for you, too. Here are some tips for Mailing Cookies and Other Baked Goods.

Step-by-Step Photo Instructions for Packing That Shipping Container
  1. Choose your baked goods wisely.
    If shipping cookies, you may wish to make them into bars instead of individual cookies. They're less likely to break this way.
    If it's going to take a long time to get there, choose a recipe that won't mold as quickly, like a Rum Cake.
    Don't choose a baked good that will easily melt like Chocolate Truffles.
  2. Seal your baked goods in an air-tight Bag.
  3. Place in a hard-sided container.
    Like a cookie tin.
  4. Stuff open spaces around bag with packing materials.
    Once the lid is closed there should be no movement inside of the tin.
  5. Use wide packing tape to seal the tin.
  6. Place tin and ample amount of packing materials in a cardboard box.
    As before, there should be no movement felt when shaken.
    Lastly, FedEx recommends including a a card with the shipper and/or recipient's contact information inside the box.
  7. Mail on time.
    This is the hardest part for me.
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