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Reynolds FunShapes Baking Cups

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Besides Egg-shaped cups there are stars and hearts too.

There are many uses for the Reynolds FunShapes Baking Cups.

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The Bottom Line

They were just perfect for me to use for cupcakes for my daughter's class of 24. It was like already having a plate. I just had to provide the forks. The price is right to use the FunShapes for a variety of other uses like crafts and small snack dishes. I know I'll buy more to keep on hand.


  • Convenient individual servings.
  • Very versatile product.
  • Good size - 1/2 cup.
  • Containers are disposable.
  • No cooking mess.


  • Packaging should come with more* instructions.
  • Hard to fit FunShapes on one cookie sheet.**
  • They could be just a tiny bit studier.***


  • Great for individual cupcakes.
  • Individual brownies are perfect too.
  • Individual gelatins are always needed in the summertime.
  • No more fighting over the last slice of quiche. Make everyone their own quiche in a FunShape.
  • Use FunShapes for individual candy or nut dishes at a party.

Guide Review - Reynolds FunShapes Baking Cups

Leave it to Reynolds to come up with another product to make our lives just a little easier. The only mess in my kitchen when I was done baking the cupcakes was the mixing bowl, beaters, rubber spatula and measuring cups. The only difficulties I had were in not ever baking with these cups before. I thought I could get all 24 cups on my jelly roll pan, but only 21 fit**. I switched to an oversized baking sheet and the 24 just fit. They kept sliding off of the sheet until I got the batter in them. Not knowing exactly how much batter to use at first to fill the cups half way caused me to move the batter from one cup to another at the end. The minimum cupcake baking time is 15 minutes on the cake mix, but that was too long. Next time I'll try 10 minutes and add time if necessary. ***I noticed that while icing the cupcakes I had a tendency of indenting the sides of the cups with my thumb. If the cups were slightly sturdier this wouldn't happen.

The only instructions* on the box say to bake ungreased cups on baking sheet and only fill them half full. Then bake them according to recipe. It needs to include: For baking cupcakes from a 2-layer cake mix use 1/8 cup or 2 tablespoons batter in each FunShapes cup. Bake for 10 minutes or until tested with a toothpick.

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