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Hints, Tips and Baking Techniques for Making Desserts, Breads and More

Here are several helpful hints, tips and baking techniques for making desserts, breads and other treats.
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How do I Print a Recipe?

Baking Season Prep
Here are several articles and ideas to help you get ready for the busiest baking season of the year.

Cutting Candied Fruit
Here is a quick tip for cutting candied fruit.

Dieting and Desserts
Yes, you can bake your cake and eat it too. Just follow some of these suggestions.

Photo Instructions for Packing Baked Goods for Shipping and/or Mailing
Here are the step by step photo instructions for packaging baked goods for mailing and/or shipping.

How to Measure Flour
Here are the simple steps necessary for measuring flour.

How to Zest and Juice a Lemon with Step By Step Photo Instructions
Learn how to zest and juice a lemon with these step by step photo instructions.

Building a Dessert Repertoire
It's not necessary to have a huge dessert and baking repertoire. Just become proficient in a few desserts, and other sweet treats, and people will think you're a professional. You'll find some of my basic dessert and other sweet treat recipes below.

Summer Baking Tips
I've you're like me, you've just got to make desserts. (And eat them too, of course.) The problem is you don't want to heat up the house anymore than necessary during the hot summer months. So you don't have to give up baking, here are some tips to help make dessert making and baking a little cooler.

Photo Gallery of Step by Step Baking Techniques
Here is a photo gallery of several baking instructions and techniques for dessert making.

Do You Sift Ingredients?
Tell us what you do. Do you sift or not?

Dessert Disasters and Baking Mishaps - What's Your Story?
At one time or another everyone has had mishaps while making desserts, what was yours?

When Life Give You Lemons, You Make a Trifle?
When life give you lemons, one way to correct a baking disaster.

Why Sift?
Here is a tip about sifted ingredients.

Step By Step Photo Instructions for Making Bread Pudding
Here are the step-by-step photo instructions for making bread pudding.

Four Ingredients or Less
If you keep your pantry stocked, you should be able to make all of these recipes as they are made with 4 or less ingredients.

Budget Desserts
With the economy the way it is today, everyone is working with a tight budget. Plus to make it even worse, we all seem to be working twice as hard for half as much. Even with all of that, we just can't give up our desserts. Here are a couple of tips you help you make budget desserts.

How to Grease and Flour Baking Pans
Here are the written and photo instructions for Greasing and Flouring Baking Pans.

Measuring Packed Brown Sugar
Here are the instructions, including photographs, for measuring packed brown sugar.

Mailing Cookies and Other Baked Goods
Here are some tips and hints for Mailing Cookies and Other Baked Goods.

Tip for Measuring Flour
Here is a tip for measuring several cups of flour.

All About Cream
All About Cream covers the descriptions of several different types of cream from chantilly to whipping.

Baking with Cake Mixes - Cake Mix Conversions
Cake mixes are a great time saver in our busy lifestyles. Use these simple tips to convert your favorite cake recipe into a cake-mix-recipe.

Cupcake Making Tips
You can make perfect cupcakes from any cake batter with these tips.

Homemade Ice Cream - Making and Serving Tips
There's nothing like a bowl of homemade ice cream with its cold, creamy texture balanced with that fresh taste. If you crave making your own homemade ice cream all you need is a good ice cream freezer, a great recipe, the best ingredients and these tips.

Leftover Desserts
Here's an idea for leftover desserts.

Making a Heart-Shaped Cake
Here are the instructions for making a heart-shaped cake without a specially shaped pan.

Petite Soiree Desserts
Having an afternoon soiree, such as a baby or bridal shower, want to know what type of desserts to serve? Free your guests of having to juggle a fork and a plate, serve petite or finger desserts. These individual portions are eaten with the hands.

Quick and Easy Desserts
Anyone can be prepared to make dessert at a momments notice with this list.

Here is a tip about vanilla.

How To Blanch Almonds
Here's how to blanch your own almonds.

How To Frost a Cake
Here are some simple steps for frosting a cake.

How To Make Self-Rising Flour
Why buy self-rising flour when you can make your own?

How To Measure Flour
A good outcome in baking depends on exact measurements.

How To Measure Sugar
All sugars are not measured the same.

How To Melt Chocolate
Here are three methods to melt chocolate.

How To Prepare to Bake
Baking is an exact science, and it is important to be well prepared.

How to Soften Cream Cheese
There's nothing like getting ready to make something with cream cheese and realizing that you forgot to let it soften. Here are some directions on how to do it, carefully, in your microwave.

How To Stabilize Whipped Cream
Tired of your whipped cream separating by the second day? Do what the professional do.

How To Toast Nuts
Here are three ways to toast nuts.

How To Whip Cream
Nothing can replace the taste and creaminess of real whipped cream.

Reynolds FunShapes Baking Cups
Here is a review of Reynolds FunShapes Baking Cups.

Liqueur Cakes for Kids - At What Age Should Kids Be Allowed to Eat Li…
What do you think? At what age should kids be allowed to have cakes with liqueur or any other liquor in them?

How to Soften Brown Sugar
Learn how to soften brown sugar with these steps.

What Are the Baking Times for Different Sized Cake Pans?
Here's are the times for baking different sized cake pans.

How Many Slices Per Cake?
Here is a chart with the amount of servings per size of cake.

How to Bake Cakes Lesson One - Being Prepared - Being Prepared to Bake Cakes
How to Bake Cakes Lesson One - Being Prepared - Being Prepared to Bake Cakes

How to Bake Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons Lesson Two -
How to Bake Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons Lesson Two -

Bar Cookies
Here are several bar cookie recipes that are baked in rectangular baking pans.

Super Easy Chocolate Frosted Cookies
Here's a quick and easy recipe for making Super Easy Chocolate Frosted Cookies.

Making Macaroons with Photo Instructions
Here are the step by step photo instructions for making macaroons.

Neapolitan Cookies - Christmas Cookies
Here is a recipe for Neapolitan Cookies. They make great Christmas cookies.

All About Icebox Cookies
Learn all about icebox cookies in this article.

Servings of Cake
Here is a table that shows the approximate servings of typical-size cakes baked.

Cookbook Review - Sweet Chic
Here is a review of Rachel Schifter Thebault's cookbook Sweet Chic.

Baking with Vanilla
Here are recipes that are made with vanilla.

Upside-Down Cake Tip
Here is a great tip for giving away a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.

Tinted Coconut
Here is the recipe for making tinted coconut.

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