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Cake Mania 2 by Sandlot Games

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


There's lots of fun to be had in this arcade game.

Kids of all ages can decorate cakes mess-free with this computer game.

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The Bottom Line

"That game is awesome, Mommy." That's what my 12-year-old daughter said after confessing to playing the game without first asking permission.
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  • Simple to play and yet, still challenging.


  • Occassionally tedious to get to next level.


  • Here's an action arcade game that can be addicting. You just have to keep trying to make more money for the bakery.
  • Besides the cake-baking activity, you learn a lot about what it's like trying to wait on customers.
  • I really liked the underwater location along with the funky customers.

Guide Review - Cake Mania 2 by Sandlot Games

When you need to get kids, young and old, out from under while you're baking in the kitchen, just have them play this game. Although, there's lots of waiting on customers in this game, there's lots of cake baking and decorating, too. I personally like the shopping part. The better the bakery does, the better equipment you get to purchase. Just like real life.
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