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Dessert and a Movie - Chick Flicks 1

Some of My Personal Favorites


Something's Gotta Give - My Big Fat Greek Wedding - French Kiss - You've Got Mail

Here are just a few of my favorite chick flicks.

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I'll admit it, between my husband, daughter and myself, we have a huge movie collection. It just doesn't matter if it's too hot or too cold to be outside, we don't need an excuse to stay home and watch a movie. I hope you enjoy this list of some of my favorite Chick Flicks and the desserts that are either in or go perfectly with them.

Something's Gotta Give

    Jack Nicholson (Harry) and Diane Keaton (Erika) star in this 2003 movie that shows that love and lust aren't just for the young. I'm not sure which I love more about this movie, the relationship between Erika and Harry or the house. I really, really want that house.

    That's what Harry and Erika were going to eat during their pajama party until they were interrupted by her daughter.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Nia (Toula)Vardalos not only stars, but wrote this movie about her life being from a big ethnic family. Her love interest is played by John (Ian) Corbett, who is someone from a small family. This movie really appeals to me because it's very similar to my life, except I was the one from the plain white-bread family of three. My husband is half Greek and half Italian with lots of relatives.

    Toula's sister is upset that didn't have any honey for the diples she's serving to the Papa (Greek priest). Diples is a fried dough that is drizzled with honey.

Under the Tuscan Sun

    Diane (Frances) Lane is outstanding in this 2003 "finding oneself" chick flicks. She picked a gorgeous place to get over her divorce and get on with her life. One of the things I really got from the movie was that whatever bad can happen, does happen, but you need to keep rolling with the punches like Frances did.

    Italian Cream Cake
    Frances cooked some spectacular meals during this movie, but I don't remember any desserts. I think this Italian Cream Cake would have been perfect.

Shirley Valentine

    Pauline Collins stars in this 1989 movie about a woman whose children have grown and her husband cares more about work than her. Somehow along the way she lost herself. Luckily, she's invited by a friend on a two-week holiday to a Greek island. Ultimately, she falls in love not with a man, not with Greece, but with life.

    Glykismata - Greek Desserts
    Shirley ends-up working in a restaurant, but her speciality is making chips (French fries) and eggs for her English customers. I'm sure she must have served some of these Greek desserts too.

You've Got Mail

    Meg Ryan plays Kathleen, who owns a children's bookstore and Tom Hanks plays Joe, who owns a mega bookstore in this 1998 film. They meet and fall in love online in a chatroom. It's not until they find out that they are business rivals that the problems begin.

    Double Chocolate Biscotti
    Biscotti goes perfectly with all of that coffee and tea they consumed.

While You Were Sleeping

    Sandra Bullock plays a woman, Lucy, who mistakenly is thought to be the fiance of a man she saved from being run over by a commuter train in this 1995 film. He ends-up in a coma. The fun begins when his large, loud and loving family shows-up at the hospital. They immediately make her a part of the family. She doesn't know how to or doesn't want to say no to them. While her "fiance" is in a coma, she not only falls in love with his brother Jack (Bill Pullman), but with the whole family as well.

    Jack brought doughnuts to help soften the blow of the news he was about to tell his father.

Saving Grace

    Brenda Blethyn and Craig Ferguson star in this 2000 movie set in England. It's all about Grace (Brenda) whose husband dies and leaves her nearly destitute. She and her gardener (Ferguson) come up with an unconventional (and quite illegal) way earn money quickly. Grace begins as someone who lets her husband handle everything to someone who quickly learns to take care of herself.

    Corn Flake Cookies
    One of the funniest scenes involves two very proper-looking spinsters wearing goofy glasses, giggling uncontrollably while eating directly from a corn flake cereal box.

Circle of Friends

    Minnie Driver and Chris O'Donnell star in this 1995 film about a young girl coming of age. I liked it because for once the cutest boy picked the plainest girl.

    Apple-Barley Pudding
    What better dessert to go with this film set in Ireland?

Steel Magnolias

    This 1989 movie has a great ensemble cast with stars like Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLane, Olympia Dukakis, Julia Roberts and Daryl Hannah. There's just nothing like have a large group of friends to support you. You'll laugh and cry in this movie.

    Bleeding Armadillo Cake
    Ever since my husband saw this movie all Red Velvet Cakes are called Bleeding Armadillo Cakes. At Julia Roberts' wedding in the movie, the groom's cake was a red velvet cake shaped like a armadillo (the groom's favorite animal) with gray icing.

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