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Potluck Desserts and Breads

Some of My Favorites


Bundt Cakes are perfect for potluck because there is no frosting to mess-up in transit.

Here is a photo of a Bundt Cake with Hazelnuts.

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Potlucks are mealtime gatherings where people bring food to share. I've participated in a couple of different types of potlucks: luncheon, supper and gourmet.

My Secret Pal club that meets once a month for a gift exchange and a potluck lunch. I, of course, almost always bring a dessert or bread, but I could bring any dish I wished to share with the club. There's always the possibility of several people bringing the same type of dish. There have been times that we had nothing to eat but desserts or salads, but somehow it usually works out to be a more balanced meal.

I also belong to a supper potluck club. We meet once a month. For this club, the hostess provides the main course and beverages and then suggests what types of side dishes are needed. We tell her in advance what we are bringing.

My monthly Gourmet Club's object was for everyone to try new cuisines and make new dishes. The hostess usually set the menu and then assigned the dish to be brought. She even provided the recipes.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite potluck desserts and breads.

  1. To some, it's just not a meal without Bread. It can't get any simpler than this recipe for Basic White Bread.

  2. I'd say that I see Brownies more than any other dessert. For a change try this recipe for Flavored Brownies. It begins with a mix, but you'd never know it from the unique flavor.

  3. Bundt Cakes are a great cake to take to any potluck. The cakes themselves are sturdy, look great and aren't too messy for portage. The last Bundt cake I took to a potluck is an Brown Sugar Pound Cake.

  4. Cobblers and Crisps are perfect for carrying to a potluck. For fun, I like to take this recipe for Easy Cobbler. It's wonderful served warm. I bake mine in a glass baking dish which comes with my Pyrex Portable. It also comes with a heating pad and a carrying case. It keeps my cobbler perfectly warm.

  5. Cookies are always a crowd pleaser. It doesn't matter if it's a regular Cookie or a Bar Cookie. I've found Caramel Squares and Almond Cookies to be very popular with my crowd.

  6. Frosted Sheetcakes are a great choice, too. I can almost guarantee you'll return home with an empty pan when you take Scotch Chocolate Cake. I always do.

  7. Fruit salad is always popular at potlucks. I certainly see the Watergate Salad a lot.

  8. Muffins and Quick Breads are a natural for breakfast, brunch or even lunch potlucks. Pumpkin Bread is what I bring to my October or November Secret Pal luncheon each year. The warm aromatic loaf of bread served with real butter is gone before lunch begins.

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