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All About Girl Scout Cookies

Understanding the Mystique


Girl Scout Cookies
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Girl Scout Cookies from Past and Present

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Thank You Notes with Recipes on Back

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It's Cookie Time!
It's that time of year again. Well, at least it is in my part of the United States anyway. Yes, it's cookie time. For those of you who don't know, cookie time is referring to that special time of year when you can buy Girl Scout cookies. There is a special mystique to Girl Scout Cookies. I believe part of that is due to the fact that you can only buy Girl Scout Cookies once a year and you can only get them from cute little girls in brown (Brownies), green (Junior Girl Scouts) or khaki (Girl Scouts) uniforms. I believe the cutest Girl Scouts are the Daisy Scouts, which wear blue.

If you're a life-long Girl Scout fan like me, you can still find the "Celebrate Scouting Stamps", which are Forever (current first class postage) stamps from USPS.COM. The stamp was issued in 2012 in celebration of the 100th Girl Scout Anniversary.

In the Beginning...
Under Juliette Gordon Low, the woman who brought the Girl Scouts to the United States, cookie sales began back in 1917 to help finance troop activities. At that time, the cookies were homemade by the scouts. It wasn't until 1934 that Girl Scouts began selling commercially baked cookies. By 1937 there were 125 Girl Scout Councils nationwide selling cookies. Today there are over 300 councils selling cookies at different times all year long.

What's in a Name?
Ever wondered why the same cookie may have two different names? And why can't you get the same cookies everywhere? The answer is simple. Girl Scout Cookies are baked in two different bakeries, ABC/Interbake Foods and Little Brownie Bakers. Although, there are some differences you should always be able to find Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos (Peanut Butter Sandwiches) and Trefoil (Shortbread) cookies.

Complete List of Girl Scout Cookies

Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies, with photos

Which Flavor is Your Favorite?
According to the Girl Scouts of the USA, Thin Mints are the favorite closely followed by Samoas®/Caramel deLites, then it's Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs®, Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos™ and then the rest. Thin Mints were my favorite for the longest time. I just love the fact I can eat a chocolate cookie and cleanse my breath at the same time. Animal Treasures were a favorite for a while. I just loved that shortbread cookie on top with chocolate on the bottom. They don't make it anymore. For a while Caramel deLites (Samoas) had just the right caramel, coconut and chocolate combination for me. This year my favorite is the Do-Si-Dos. I'll always be a huge peanut butter fan.
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What Do You Do With the Leftover Cookies?
My usual answer to that question is "What leftover cookies?" Yes, the first year my daughter sold them I bought too many boxes. She just had to have that t-shirt. By her third year of selling, she built up a good clientele and we only bought what we'd eat. If you do have leftover cookies, I've been told they keep well in the freezer. Another way to use those leftover cookies would be to use them in cooking. I've found that the recipes are all pretty much the same. They only seem to change with the cookie type. For those of you that have leftover cookies, here are several Recipes You Can Make With Girl Scout Cookies

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