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Simple Steps for Making Sugar Cookies


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Cream Your Butter and Sugars
Using room temperature ingredients is common is many recipes.

Using a stand mixer makes the mixing process so much easier.

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Even before this step, I've already:
  • Chosen a recipe.
  • Made sure I had all the ingredients.
  • Cleaned my work area.
  • Gotten out my ingredients and allowed them to come to room temperature.
  • Pulled-out my measuring cups, mixer, mixing bowls, wax paper and one cookie sheet.

Creaming the butter* and sugar**(s) is the first step in the actual dough-combining process.

*Since these cookies were going to be the snack for my daughter's Girl Scout troop, I used half real butter and half solid shortening. This combination makes for a sturdier cookie, which is less likely to break when being grabbed out of the container.

**There is only one sugar, white, in this recipe. Other cookie recipes (like Chocolate Chip) may call for brown sugar as well.
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