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The Thirteenth Dozen

Suggestions for Hosting a Cookie Exchange


There's no such thing as too much chocolate.

The cookie for chocolate lovers everywhere.

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A cookie exchange is where several people get together and exchange dozens of cookies. Cookie exchanges are perfect for this time of year. What a wonderful way to be able to offer your holiday house guests several different types of cookies when you only have to bake one type.

Suggestions for the Hostess

  1. Choose a date for your party.
  2. Send an Invitation to 11 of your favorite bakers.
  3. When your guests RSVP remind them of the Special Instructions.
  4. For the party, you should be prepared to provide:
    • Your own 12 dozen cookies and recipe copies.
    • Beverages. What to serve depends on your group and the weather. You could serve: hot apple cider, coffees, hot teas, mulled wines and/or soft drinks.
    • Napkins and plates.
    • A large empty table to display the plates of cookies.
    • Festive background music.
  5. What's left but to enjoy your friends and the Thirteenth Dozens.

Sample Invitation with Special Party Instructions

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