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Books by Laura Childs

More Than Just Murder Mysteries

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2011 Death by Design Photo by Pricegrabber, Inc.

Death by Design, Scrapbooking Mystery Anthology by Laura Childs

2011 Death by Design Photo by Pricegrabber, Inc.
Cookbooks aren't the only books that have recipes in them. I found some appetizing dessert recipes in a series of murder mysteries written by Laura Childs.

From time to time, with Laura Childs' permission, I'll publish a recipe from one of her latest novels.

It Was Like Magic

It was if the stars were aligned. It's not often that I find something that combines all of my favorite things. That's how I felt when I read my first Laura Childs' novel. A friend had given me Death by Design, an anthology (three books in one binding.) I couldn't believe that a writer could combine so many of my favorite things in a novel: scrapbooking, murder and desserts set in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans. Plus, the characters are so delightful that I was hooked or should I say addicted? It was like eating popcorn, I couldn't stop at just the anthology. I had to read each and every book in the series. Once I did that, I knew I couldn't wait for the next Scrapbook Mystery to be written. I decided to begin reading her Tea Shop Mysteries. Although, I've only been in our local teashop a couple of times, I thought I'd give these novels a try. Of course, how could I not love these books, too? They are also filled with delightful characters, set in another great city, Charleston, S.C. and have many more dessert recipes in them. As I was thinking it couldn't get any better, Laura Childs' began another murder mystery series featuring, get this, a restaurant! Needless, to say, there are even more great characters and tons of edible treats.

Try just one of her novels, and you will be hooked, too.

With Permission from Laura Childs

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