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Cookbook Review - The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream

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The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream Book Cover from Pricegrabber, Inc.

The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream

Book Cover from Pricegrabber, Inc.
The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream
By Jan Hedh
Photography by Klas Anderson
Published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 2012

First Impressions

The first word that popped out of my mouth as I was just beginning to look through The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream was "Wow"! I don't know what stood out more, the tremendous volume of recipes (300) in one cookbook, the incredible photography or the sheer extensiveness of the recipes. Chef Jan Hedh never leaves you hanging. All the necessary recipes, and complete instructions, are right there to help you complete that special dessert.

Speaking of the recipes, I wouldn't say I'm a "meat and potatoes"-type person. I am quite adventurous when it comes to different foods and trying new recipes. I do have to draw the line at some recipes that are "created" with what I call frou-frou ingredients, which are added to make the creator feel "special". A lot of the time these "frou-frou ingredients" do nothing to make the dish taste or even look better. They are just added to make them (and the creator) stand-out. It is not like that at all in The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream.

Chef Jan Hedh's recipes in The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream make sense, both in the head and in the stomach. Yes, there is a spin to ice cream that wouldn't normally be encountered in the suburbs or at some mom and pop restaurants. Still, there are food adventurers everywhere and I know they will love this cookbook. I practically had to pry The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream out of my husband's hands to write this review.

Recipe Notes

Yes, there really are 300 recipes in The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream. You may need one of more recipes to complete a dessert, but as recipes they can all stand alone. Nearly all of the recipes are in both metric and imperial (U.S. and English) measurements. Chef Jan Hedh is Swedish, and so naturally the cookbook was original published in Swedish. Monika Romare did an excellent job of translating.

I think anyone who loves to make ice cream, will love this book. I will warn you though, there are some ingredients that the typical home cook won't have. There are substitutions listed below.
  • Corn Syrup may be exactly substituted for glucose.
  • Leaf Gelatin - 4 sheets equals 1 (.25 oz) envelope or 1 tablespoon granulated gelatin
  • For vegetarians, substitute 2 teaspoons Agar-Agar for the 4 sheets of leaf gelatin, as you normally would with any gelatin recipe.

A Selection of Included Chapters and Recipes

Ice Creams
Basic Ice Cream Recipe with several pages of variations
Herb Ice Creams
Yogurt Ice Creams

Black Currant
Raspberry and Pepper sorbet

Parfaits, Semifreddos
(Not quite frozen treats, that don't need an ice cream freezer to make them)
Ice Cream Souffle
Cassata Mousse

Ice Cream as an Appetizer
Foie Gras Ice Cream
Corn Ice Cream
Lobster Ice Cream
Almond Potato Ice Cream with Fried Anchovies and Fried Eggs
Strawberry and Tomato Bruschetta with Basil Yogurt Ice Cream
---Now you know one of the many reasons why I said "Wow"!---

Beignet with Elderflower or Meadowsweet with Scented Geranium Ice Cream
Risotto Ice Cream with Thin Pistachio Biscuits, Orange Chips, and Raspberries
Vanilla Parfait with Caramelized Macadamia Nuts and Cherry Jubilee
Lemon Tart with a Lemon Sorbet in Tulip Basket
Chocolate Dome with Hidden Treat
---Yes! The recipes for all of the above is found in The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream---

Ice Cream Bombs
Frozen Pudding as a Wedding Bomb
Bomb Frou-Frou as Madame Pompadour

For the Little Ones
Glace Au Four as an Igloo
Mary Ladybug and the Hedgehog for a Birthday Party

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