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Cookbook Review - Meringue

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Meringue Photographs by Alexandra DeFurio Reprinted with Permission

Meringue by Linda K. Jackson and Jennifer Evans Gardner

Photographs by Alexandra DeFurio Reprinted with Permission
Written by Linda K. Jackson and Jennifer Evans Gardner
Photographs by Alexandra DeFrio
Published in 2012 by Gibbs Smith

First Impressions

After reading, and yes, playing with a few of the recipes, I've come to the conclusion I've been wrong about meringue. Meringue, not only can taste good, but it can come in outstanding forms. I would have never come to that conclusion without this marvelous cookbook, Meringue, by Linda K. Jackson and Jennifer Evans Gardner. Not only did they put great recipes in their cookbook, but included their passion about meringue in it as well.

Okay, I'll admit it, I have never cared for meringue. Even a very good friend saw that I was reviewing this cookbook, and laughed so hard she had to run to the restroom. I think my aversion developed over the years with badly-made lemon meringue pies. The lemon part would be good, but the meringue would be wet and runny. My only good experiences with meringue involved flaming Baked Alaska served at part of the Farewell Dinner aboard cruise ships. Sadly, but understandably, they don't serve them flaming anymore. Caution is the key when sailing these days.

More than Just Egg Whites and Sugar

Meringue is a cookbook for all those dessert-makers out there who want to stretch their skills. It's not that making varied meringue sweet is difficult, but if you're like me, you've never really been exposed to them before.

With my first flip through Meringue, I was instantly blown-away with the oh-so simple, yet truly cool looking Hanukkah Lights. They are little stars of meringue sprinkled with blue sanding sugar, a.k.a. blue sprinkles. I've definitely found a new recipe to make for homemade holiday gift-giving.

Going deeper into the book, I discovered the two baked items I have been putting-off trying to make. The first one is the fairly-new and yet ever-so-popular French Macarons, not to be confused with the coconut cookie, Macaroon. It seems as if you can find pastel-colored macarons everywhere. The other items I've always wanted to make is a Pavlova. Ever since I saw the multilayer and brightly-colored one in the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I've wanted to make it.

If you want to go beyond just egg whites and sugar, buy a copy of Meringue. It will be well worth step in your dessert-making adventure.

Sample Chapters and Recipes

About Meringue
This chapter covers the history, science, stages and types of meringue.

Ingredients, Tools, and Techniques
This chapter is pretty self-explanatory. I would like to note here that before you get Meringue, besides a couple dozen eggs, you might also want to have a piping bag and tips on hand so you can get started playing right away.

Classic French Meringues
Coffee Cocoa Nibs Delights
Meringue Mushrooms

Chocolate Raspberry Mini-Pavlovas
Brown Sugar Plum Pavlova
Classic Berry Pavlova

Bars, Tarts, and Pies
Caramelized Apple Tartlets
Key Lime Pie
Mom's Sky-High Lemon Meringue Pie

Cakes, Tortes, Vacherins, and Dacquoises
Chocolate Meringue Cake with Lavender Flowers
Moroccan Gateau Russe
Vacherin with Lemon Curd and Strawberries

Meringue Frostings
Lemon Meringue Frosting
Salted Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Mocha Italian Meringue Buttercream

Heavenly Creations
Violet Macarons
Baked Alaska
Praline Meringue cups with Huckleberry Sauce

Red, White, and Blueberry Trifle
Meringue Ghosts
Hanukkah Lights
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