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NESTLÉ CHOCOLATIER™ Premium Baking Chocolate

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The Bottom Line

Thanks to NESTLÉ for creating their new line of gourmet baking chocolates. Between the most convenient accessibility and the rich chocolate flavor, I think NESTLÉ CHOCOLATIER™ will be the choice of many bakers.


  • Product availability.
  • Rich flavor.
  • Brand name dependabililty.


  • Perhaps in the future they could offer chocolate with slightly higher amounts of cacao.


  • The Bittersweet Chocolate has 62 percent cacao and comes in large morsels (10 ounce bags) and in 16 ounce baking bars.
  • The Dark Chocolate has 53 percent cacao. It also comes in nice-sized morsels and baking bars.
  • NESTLÉ CHOCOLATIER™ also offers bags containing large chunks of dark chocolate.

Guide Review - NESTLÉ CHOCOLATIER™ Premium Baking Chocolate

For a month, I've been making different desserts with these new chocolates from NESTLÉ CHOCOLATIER™. Not being a big dark chocolate or bittersweet chocolate fan, I think I've changed my mind. Both the dark and the bittersweet seem to heighten the chocolate flavor and tone down the sugary taste in each of the recipes I made. I think I'm going to convert several recipes that use semi-sweet chips to dark chocolate chips. I'm looking forward to that intense chocolate taste.
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