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Original Bundt Limited Edition Pan

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I just love this shiny new pan.

Cleaning-up this pan is so easy.

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The Bottom Line

I just love my Original Bundt Limited Edition Pan. I think all the Bundt cake pans should come with handles that have holes in them. Remember how people used to display their gelatin molds? I think we should be able to do it with all of our Bundt Cake Pans.
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  • I love the handles. I can finally use my pretty Bundt pan for kitchen decoration.
  • The platinum metal is good looking.
  • The indentations release the cakes easier.
  • I like the sturdiness of the heavy aluminum.
  • You get the same baking results with every recipe.


  • You won't believe how really good this pan is until you bake with it.


  • The Limited Edition Original Bundt Cake Pan is different from the previous versions.
  • The heavy cast aluminum platinum series is lovely.
  • The handles are the best part about this new pan.

Guide Review - Original Bundt Limited Edition Pan

Nordi Ware is celebrating their 60th anniversary with this limited edition Original Bundt Cake Pan. I was very pleased with the cakes I've baked in it. The cakes release so much easier. The indentations keep their sharp defination. It so far is my favorite Bundt cake pan and I've got seven or eight? others. My very favorite part is the handles. Finally, I don't have to "hug" my cake to remove if from the oven. Even better is that I can finally hang my pretty Bundt Cake Pan on the kitchen wall.
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