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Double Frosted Brownies


Double Frosted Brownies Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli

Double Frosted Brownies

Double Frosted Brownies Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli
Take your favorite brownie recipe and/or mix and make this recipe for Double Frosted Brownies.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: Makes 9 to 24 pieces


  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 2 cups powdered sugar, sifted
  • 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ---
  • Baked and Cooled Nut Brownies Made in a 8x8 or 9x13 pan from your favorite recipe or a mix
  • ----
  • 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon solid vegetable shortening


Cream butter. Gradually add in powdered sugar. Blend in milk and vanilla. Mix completely. Spread on cooled brownies.

Melt chocolate and vegetable shortening. Drizzle chocolate mixture over top of brownies.

Makes 9 to 24 pieces depends on baking pan used.

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