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Biscuits and Scones

Look here for recipes and tips for making biscuits and scones.

Biscuit Mix Biscuits
Here is a recipe to make Biscuits from a Homemade Biscuit Mix.

Butterscotch Scones
Butterscotch Scones is just one tasty recipe from Laura Childs' latest Tea Shop Mystery - The Teaberry Strangler.

Basic Biscuit Mix
Here is a recipe for a basic biscuit baking mix.

Basic Biscuit Recipe
Here is a basic recipe for biscuits.

Granny's Irish Scones
Granny's Irish Scones are filled with raisins or currants.

Five Fruit Granola Scones
Five Fruit Granola Scones has some great ingredients in them.

Cheese Scones
Cheese Scones are also known as cheese biscuits.

Basic Biscuit Recipe
Here is a simple recipe using self-rising flour.

Cheese Scones
Here's a lovely recipe from the forum.

Five-Fruit Granola Scones
Fruit cocktail is used in this recipe for scones.

Granny's Irish Scones
Raisins are used to make this scone.

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Biscuits
More people probably make this type of biscuit than any other type of biscuit.

Pumpkin-Ginger Scones
Pumpkin and ginger make a great flavor combination.

Dandy Devonshire Cream
Here is a recipe for Dandy Devonshire Cream it goes perfectly with scones.

Working Girl's Quick Blueberry Scones
Thanks to Laura Childs for writing another entertaining Scrapbooking Mystery and sharing her recipe for Working Girl's Quick Blueberry Scones.

Almond Joy Scones from Steeped in Evil
Thanks to Laura Childs for sharing this recipe for Almond Joy Scones from her latest teashop mystery Steeped in Evil.

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