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Baking Soda


Just What is Baking Soda?:

It is also known as Bicarbonate of Soda and Sodium Bicarbonate. Baking soda is found in all living things to help provide a natural pH balance.

Why Do I Need to Use It in Baking?:

Baking soda promotes leavening by releasing carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide causes bubbles which make your cakes, cookies and breads lighter by expanding the dough and/or batter.

I had a dear friend confess to me that her cookies came out flat and brittle. Come to find out, she didn't add the baking soda. She said that the last time she made cookies all she could taste was the baking soda. I told her that next time be sure to mix the soda in with the flour either by sifting or using a wire whisk.

What is the Best Baking Soda Brand to Buy?:

I'm sure there must be other brands out there, but I've only known, used and been quite happy with Arm & Hammer® Pure Baking Soda. I always have at least 2 boxes in my pantry. Plus one in my refrigerator. (Although, lately I've got that new ARM & HAMMER Fridge Fresh® Refrigerator Air Filter in there. It seems to be doing as good of a job. Plus, I don't worry about the box falling over.)

Recipes That Use Baking Soda:

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