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How to Bake Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons - Lesson Three

Icing and Decorating


Decorated Cupcakes and Icing Tubes Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli

Decorated Cupcakes and Icing Tubes

Decorated Cupcakes and Icing Tubes Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli

Welcome to Lesson Three in How to Make Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons. This week's focus is on Icing a Cake and Decorating it.

Icing and/or Frosting a Cake
After seeing these simple to follow photos for frosting a cake, anyone can make their cake look nice.

It all depends on where you're from whether you're frosting a cake with icing or icing a cake with frosting. Of course, there's always icing a cake with icing and frosting a cake with frosting. They both mean the same thing: the sweet stuff on the cake and the method of putting it on there.

Making Buttercream Frosting
Buttercream Icing is the ultimate in cake icing. I like the rich sweetness in every bite. Here are the step by step photo instructions for making Buttercream Frosting.

Basic Cake Decorating, Part One
This article is filled with tips for preparing your cake for decorating.

Basic Cake Decorating, Part Two
Includes more tips and the recipe for Decorators' Buttercream Icing. It makes a denser, easy to decorate texture. There are also tips on the decorating tips.

Cake Decorating Videos
If step by step photos aren't enough, here are several videos showing the various steps in cake decorating.

More Frosting Recipes

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