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Super Bowl Treats



Here are several treat recipes perfect for your Super Bowl Party.

Be sure to check-out our About.com site to Entertaining for a Super Bowl Party Planning Guide.

1. Super Bowl Snacks from About.com Site to Local Foods

Homemade Potato Chips Photo by Molly Watson
Photo (c) by Molly Watson
Superbowl parties don't need to be laden with processed food - Molly Watson, our Guide to Local Foods, shows you how to make fresh, delicious Superbowl snacks like homemade potato chips, spicy peanuts, and succulent beer-basted spicy glazed ribs.

2. Dutch Party Appetizers

Kaasstengels Photo by Karin Engelbrecht
Photo by Karin Engelbrecht
When the Dutch watch sports on TV their favorite snacks include kroketten, those sumptious shrimp or veal ragout-filled crispy croquettes, frikadellen, typically Dutch skinless meat sausages, and kaasstengels, rich Gouda cheese straws, all of which can be found on our Dutch Food Guide's list of Dutch Party Appetizers.

3. Super Bowl Party Recipes from About.com Kids Cooking Site

7 Layer Dip Photo by Stephanie Gallagher
Photo (c) by Stephanie Gallagher
The fun thing about throwing a Super Bowl party is that the menu can really be anything you like, from take out pizza and potluck appetizers to chili and cornbread to homemade snacks and desserts. These Super Bowl menu ideas give you three great options. Feel free to mix and match the recipes to suit your own tastes.

4. Fork-Free Desserts from About.com Site to Desserts and Baking

Chocolate Nut Bars Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli
Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli
Make it easier on yourself (or the hostess) by making desserts, and other sweet treats, that don't need a fork to eat them. These Chocolate Nut Bars are just one of the many treats found on this page of Fork-Free Desserts.

More Super Bowl Sweet Party Treats

5. Super Bowl Snacks and Anti-Super Bowl Party Foods from Busy Cooks About.com Site

Appley Kielbasa Photo by Linda Larsen
Photo (c) by Linda Larsen
Whether or not you're interested in football, you can throw a party on Super Bowl Sunday. My Super Bowl Snacks and Anti-Super Bowl Party Foods are all delicious, quick to make, and fun to eat. Hope your team wins!

6. Hearty Prepare- Ahead Dishes from About.com's Eastern European Food Site

Polish Hunter's Stew Photo by Carroll Pellegrinelli
Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli
Barbara Rolek, About.com's Guide to Eastern European Food, says, "American football and the Super Bowl or European soccer and the World Cup bring out the same 'need to feed' among rabid sports fans. One-pot dishes that can bubble away in a slow cooker unattended, or what I like to call casserolia, are perfect for noshing during the big game. Polish Hunter's Stew (bigos) -- a meat-eater's dream come true -- and Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut can be prepared in advance and then slowly reheated when ready to serve. If you've got a crowd coming, the recipes can be easily doubled or tripled. Score! "

7. Tradition Super Bowl Foods from About.com Site to Cooking for Two

Chicken Wings by Kevin Weeks
Photo (c) by Kevin Weeks
Kevin Weeks, Guide to Cooking to Two writes: "This fall I've been working on recipes for traditional Superbowl foods like Buffalo Wings, Crab Dip, and Barbequed Ribs. You can find these and many more here:Superbowl 46 - Game Time Eats."

8. Spanish Super Bowl Foods

Stuffed Mushrooms Photo by Lisa and Tony Sierra
Photo (c) by Lisa and Tony Sierra
The Spanish aren't counting the days to the Super Bowl, but it is a big day for appetizers in the US. So, it's the party atmosphere, and desire to graze is perfect for a tapas buffet. We have a list of easy-to-make Spanish tapas for a Super Bowl buffet - our Spanish pizza with chorizo sausage and Serrano ham toppings, easy bravas potatoes, pancetta-stuffed mushrooms, or pinchos morunos (spicy pork kabobs).

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