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Trifle Recipe Index - Desserts and Baking on About.com
Trifles are made with ingredients like cake and cream layered in a glass bowl. Here are several recipes.
Basic Trifle Recipe - Ideas for Layer Ingredients
Here are the suggested ingredients to create your own basic trifle.
Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle Recipe
If you like the peanut butter-chocolate flavor combination, this trifle recipe using brownie mix and peanut butter cups is great for a creamy dessert.
Traditional British Sherry Trifle Recipe - Great British Food & Irish Food
A perfectly, delicious Traditional Sherry Trifle Recipe, so easy to make. No British celebration is complete without one and perfect for Sunday tea.
Quick Sherry Trifle Recipe
Sherry Trifle Recipe perhaps one of the most favourite British desserts. There are many variations and recipes, but this quick sherry trifle recipe if one of the ...
Spanish Fruit Trifle Recipe - Spanish Food - About.com
The Spanish Fruit Trifle is a dessert that includes thick, creamy egg custard, ... Although the recipe includes strawberries and kiwis, substitute any fresh fruit of ...
Tipsy Laird Trifle Recipe - Great British Food & Irish Food - About.com
An authentic Scottish Tipsy Laird Trifle Recipe when using Scottish rspberries.
Gluten Free Brownie Trifle Recipe - Gluten-Free Cooking - About.com
Creamy and decadent, try this easy gluten-free brownie trifle recipe when you need a special gluten-free dessert but you don't have much time to spend.
Strawberry Trifle Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
This strawberry trifle is made with a cake mix, strawberries, vanilla pudding, whipped topping, and almonds. A delicious strawberry trifle recipe.
Panettone English Trifle Recipe - Zuppa Inglese di ... - Italian Food
Panettone English Trifle, or Zuppa Inglese di Panettone: Panettone is Milano's traditional Christmas bread, an airy concoction made with raisins and candied ...
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