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Chocolate Dessert and Baking Recipes - Desserts/Baking - About.com
Chocolate is a woman's best friend. Enjoy these chocolate dessert recipes.
Chocolate Desserts and Treats Photo Gallery - Desserts/Baking
Here is a photo gallery with several chocolate desserts and treats.
Recipes Made with White Chocolate - Desserts/Baking - About.com
I've never really understood the fascination associated with White Chocolate, even though I've fallen for its charm as well. White Chocolate isn't even real ...
Low Fat Chocolate Desserts
In small quantities, some kinds of chocolate can actually be good for you, which is good to know., but chocolate is also high in fat and calories. Still, a little bit of ...
Orange Chocolate Mousse Recipe - American Food - About.com
This devilishly delicious chocolate mousse recipe features a hint of orange - a classic ... Classic Desserts · Enjoying American Regional Recipes and Cuisine ...
Eastern European Chocolate Dessert Recipes - Chocolate Eastern ...
Eastern Europeans love chocolate as evidenced by these recipes for decadent chocolate desserts.
Low cal chocolate desserts without fake sugar - Calorie Count
and most searches for low calorie desserts mostly bring back recipes full of ... 1/3 c. unsweetened cocoa (I prefer the dark chocolate variety)
7 Best Chocolate Desserts from Spain - Spanish Food - About.com
This list is the best of Spanish chocolate desserts, including flan, cake, pie, turron and mousse. If you are a chocolate lover, you'll want to try them all. Just work ...
Easy Valentine's Chocolate Dessert Recipes
Now that you know a bit more about the science of chocolate, let's get to the recipes! From crockpot recipes to easy make ahead desserts, this selection includes ...
Chocolate Recipes - South American Chocolate Recipes
A photo gallery of recipes for South American-style desserts featuring chocolate.
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