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Gifts from the Oven
Part 1: Baked Gifts and How to Present Them
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Part 2: Ingredients in a Jar
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Instead of buying all your gifts, why not bake them? A present made by you is much better that a store bought one. Here are some hints and dessert gift ideas just for you.


CHOOSE the right gift.

Put your best foot forward. Bake your speciality, not what's new on the cover of a magazine. (So what if your speciality is Fudge... yours will taste better than a supermarket version.)

Is it something that will last for a while like a Bacardi Rum Chocolate Cake? (This cake gets better the longer it sits.)

What are the likes and dislikes of your recipient? Any food allergies?

PRESENTATION is everything.

Why not try putting a few pieces of Espresso Chocolate Chip Shortbread in a large coffee mug and wrap it in cellophane?

Just some Ginger Crackles on a holiday party plate makes a good gift. (A few years ago, I was able to buy two dozen stoneware Christmas plates for one dollar each. They've been perfect for giveaways. Maybe you can find something like that.)

Always include a copy of the recipe with every gift.

MAILING those gifts?

Choose the right desserts to mail that won't break, melt, spill, or spoil, if delayed in the mail. (Pound Cake is always a safe bet. It's heavy, but it doesn't fall apart.)

Use a sturdy mailing container like a heavy box or a cookie tin.

Don't be afraid to wrap your baked good like you would a piece of fine china. Use plastic wrap to encase the food and then use tissue paper or bubble wrap for extra protection.

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