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The Best Old Fashioned Dessert Contest
And the winner is...
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I want to thank everyone for entering their recipes in the contest. I tried them all, and each one could have easily been the winner.  Thank you for sharing your recipes with us.  Thanks also to the voters.  As you can't have contests without contestants, you certainly can't have them without voters either.  I really appreciate your participation, too.

Drum roll please... With over 60 percent of the votes, the winner of the contest is Roseanne's recipe for Lemon Sponge.  Congratulations Roseanne!  Be looking for that tremendously cool About t-shirt in the mail.

Here's how the other recipes ranked.  Remember, despite their ratings, they're all good recipes.

Applesauce Cake tied for 4th place

Apple Dumplings 5th place

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream 6th place

Blackberry and Apple Crumble 3rd place

Cheese Cake tied for 4th place

Custard Bread Pudding tied for 4th place

Éclairs tied for 7th place

Emily's Gelatin Dessert 9th place

JoanE's Ricotta Pie tied for 7th place

Johnny Cake tied for 8th place

Peach Cobbler second place

Strawberry Cake tied for 8th place

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