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The Most Celebrated Cake Recipe
Contest Results

Here are the results in The Most Celebrated Cake Recipe Contest. I hope you enjoyed making these cakes, as much as I did. I just love getting new recipes. There were even a few I'd never seen before.

Even if your cake did not get the most votes, it's still a winner. Remember, it's The Most Celebrated Cake Recipe to your friends and family. It's a winner to them everytime you make it.

Thanks for entering and keep on the lookout for my next contest.

and The Winner is...

Congratulations to Sharon for her entry of Instant Ice Cream Cake. It got 28 % of all the votes.

How The Other Recipes Ranked*

Amaretto Cream Filled Cake 4%

Chocolate Eclair Dump Cake 8%

Cleveland Cake 6%

Easy Moist Lemon Poppy-Seed Cake 2%

Janine's Cake 2%

Mile-High Coconut Layer Cake 4%

No-Frost Chocolate Marshmallow Cake 1%

Pineapple Angelfood Cake 22%

Sophine's Cake 19%

Turtle Cake 7%

*Note: There were a total of 107 votes.

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