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Thin, Flour-Based Pancakes
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When I was growing up in Birmingham, my favorite restaurant was the Magic Pan. They specialized in crepe dishes. Right near the front door was an employee totally encircled by hot crepe pans. You could watch each crepe being carefully prepared. Ever since I went to that place, I've been in love with crepes. You can make the most elegant and easiest desserts with crepes.

Making crepes is quite simple; all it takes is a little practice. I must confess, I have never made crepes the traditional way, in a crepe or frying pan. I have an electric crepe pan, Sunbeam's M'sieur Crepe Electric Crepemaker. It's about twenty years old, and I love it. I don't know if Sunbeam still makes an electric crepe pan, but I have seen others in stores. With an electric crêpe maker, you don't have to cook both sides. The pan, which is inverted, is actually dipped in the batter instead of pouring the batter into the pan. There is no rolling the pan around to get the batter even. If there happen to be holes in the crepe, I immediately spoon a little batter over them. Since crepes are either covered with a sauce or folded in some way, you never see the mistakes.

Crepes are versatile. Once you make a basic recipe, like the one below, you can do many things with them. They can be eaten plain with powdered sugar on them. They are the perfect accompaniment to fruits. Just roll up some prepared berries, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and you have a dessert. They can be stacked to make an elegant Gateau. Try filling a chocolate crepe with ice cream and topping with hot fudge and whipped cream. The recipe determines which way to serve the crepe.

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