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Birthday Cakes

Served with an Etiquette Glaze


Checkerboard Cake Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli

This Checkerboard Cake was frosted and decorated by my 8-year-old daughter.

Checkerboard Cake Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli

All birthdays are special.

Being someone born within 9 days of Christmas, I am considered a Christmas baby. You may either be one or know of us, but birthdays, to Christmas babies, are an often-sore subject. We are the ones who usually don't have too many birthday parties. (I've had three, maybe four). It either interferes with holiday parties, or in my case, everyone's already been to too many parties. We are also the ones who get the famous Christmas/birthday gifts. Either we get one gift, which is for both days or we get that extra gift bought, while Christmas shopping. After decades of birthday neglect, I have resigned myself to a state of absolutely no expectations. This way if something wonderful does happen, I'll be overjoyed. I haven't, though, lowered my expectations for my daughter, who is not a Christmas baby but a summer baby. She's had a party every year. This year her birthday was on a Wednesday. The whole day was special, and she got to do whatever she wanted to do. That night I cooked her favorite meal: grilled cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, French fries, and chocolate milk. Her party was the following Saturday.

It's the thought that counts.

Most people just don't understand that quote. It doesn't relate to what kind of gift bought. It means you are thinking about someone on his or her birthday. I've noticed that once a card or gift is mailed, the birthday "obligation" is over. Wrong. A birthday is just once a year. That is the day to remember someone. To me, you can keep all the gifts and cards, just call to wish me a happy birthday on my birthday, not the day before or the day after. As I said earlier, I still have expectations for my daughter. When she celebrated her 4th birthday, two of our relatives called a couple of hours after her bedtime. Both even said they would call back the next day to wish her a happy birthday. They didn't. We were the ones that called them, a few days later. I realize most people would say a 4-year-old wouldn't notice the difference, but she did. Even 9 years later, we do the best we can do to make-up for all those that forget. Yes, we all have busy lives, but birthdays are just once a year.

Birthday Cakes.

When most people think of birthday cakes, they think of the bakery-type cakes: two-layers, frosted with buttercream icing. The sky or the oven is the limit, when it comes to different types of birthday cakes. Most kids beg for character cakes. The pans are a face, or whole body, of a favorite character. These cakes are very easy to make. Each pan comes with complete instructions, which are easy to follow. My daughter loves the Checkerboard Cake. Adults' tastes vary to their favorite birthday cakes. I know mine has changed from a chocolate cake with chocolate icing to carrot cake. Ever since he saw Steel Magnolias, my husband prefers a Red Velvet Cake. I refuse to make it in the shape of an armadillo like in the movie. I don't know many people who would want to eat gray icing.

Make Someone Feel Special.

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